Joseline Airs Out Mona Scott-Young & Threatens to Sue VH1

joseline hernandez mona scott young feud

Joseline Hernandez unleashed the crazy last night and continued to air out Mona Scott-Young and VH1.

The former reality TV star talked about why she quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and how she’s threatening to sue!


  1. I fault Stevie J for all of this. He should have left her in that damn strip club. Everyone warned him about this chick. Now he has to deal with her bat shit crazy ass for the next 18 years. I just feel bad for Eva and Mimi having to go through the child molestation abuse investigation from CPS because of Stevie allowing this bitch in his child’s life.

  2. These reality shows spawn ratchetness! Everybody rich so now they can sell the business and retire!

  3. She’s full of shit. They sign releases before they go on camera.

    NO LAWSUITS. Mona may be dumping trash on the public,but she ain’t dumb.

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