Was Kanye West This Transexual Performers Secret Rapper Lover?

Don’t think Kim will look much different in about 11 years…

According to Page Six:

After transgender New York nightlife fixture Amanda Lepore dished in her new memoir, “Doll Parts,” about a relationship with an unnamed rapper, sources have speculated the hip-hop maven in question could be Kanye West.

A New York Times profile this week on voluptuous Lepore says that in the book: “Ms. Lepore describes having an assignation with a famous rapper whose songs often play in the clubs she frequents. Soon after, she writes, he got married, and ‘I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me.’ ”

That sparked buzz that the unnamed rapper was West — now married to curvy reality queen Kim Kardashian.


  1. Wowwww. Kanye worse than Mr.Cee…hammercy father!
    If i was kim build-a-whore ass, it would be time to start packing my shit! Hell no, bad enough he fuckin these male fashion designers, im with the whores on this one, Kim GET OUT NOW! But u wont, bcuz u a build-a-whore just like ur mama who married a tranny for about 20 years lol…

  2. There’s no timeline on when this occurred.

    It could very well be TIP, with Tiny changing a lot after getting married. It could also be Wiz, Amber got a build a body too.

    Both of the m had songs in heavy rotation at the clubs.

  3. Nawww…I think it is kan-gaye.

    For some reason seeing him next to this thing seems familiar.

    I also wondered why he was so cool with bruce’s change, most men would be giving the side eye.

  4. I dont believe this shit for one minute even if i cant stand kanye. There are way too many transsexual males that are very good at trying look and act like females and even looking better than some of us females Why in the hell would he choose this nasty pasty looking 2 dollar tranny? lol awhhhhh gross

  5. This is not a real story there are other married rappers. Jay z is one of them…lol fat Joe is one of them. Nas was one of them.

  6. Human error.. If Kanye even looked at that “Person” he needs to be slapped but then again it’s hollywierd not surprising at all BEASTALITY will be the next crave smfh

  7. She has a fake vagina, so whoever did her is not gay. Weird and pervy, maybe? But gay men who fuck trannys , like Cee and LL Cool J like the pre-op trannys with dicks.

  8. If the rapper in question really is Kanye, then that explains Lamar Odom’s behavior. That entire family, in laws and out laws are some kinky depraved mofos.

    Anyway, I would have also guessed Ice-T except his shit been long gone off the radio. That thing sho is ugly. Saw it on another website and can’t believe someone would not be shook the fuck up to even be in the dark with it.


    • I had heard some shit about ICE T on Lipstick Alley not too long ago. Something about him being involved in gay mansion parties like the rest of Hollyweird. There’s a LOT of off the wall shit that goes on in the industry, I tell ya.

    • Correction- I think you’re correct on that ICE T suggestion. Kanye didn’t get involved with Kim officially until like 2009-2010, 2012 at the latest. ICE T’s been married to Coco for over 10 years. And he’s the only rapper who’s wife looks like a porn blowup.

  9. Fake vagina means nothing, the only thing that matters to most men is a hole and a heartbeat and the heartbeat is optional.

    The only difference between a gay man and so-called straight man is a true gay man will hardly ever turn back to vagina.

  10. I believe it was Kanye. She has a different look but big and juicy dick sucking lips; I’m just saying.

  11. So I read the excerpt in the book online, and all he did was drop his pants, and she sucked his dick and then walked out of the locker room in the gym. There was virtually no contact between them.

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