Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Drug Dealing Past…

Jacky told you Jada was a drug dealing ‘Duffle bag Girl’ back in 2013!

Jada has previously said that she met Tupac when they attended Baltimore’s School of Arts in Maryland together, but now she’s spilling the real tea behind their relationship and more note worthy, what her profession was, when they met.

During a recent radio interview with DJ Sway Calloway on Wednesday, Jada, 45, revealed she met Tupac when she sold drugs. She is planning to tell all in a future memoir .. but, HSK told you this

“It’s kinda hard because I haven’t really told the whole story. One of things that’s very interesting, that I’ve never really said before, is that when I first met ‘Pac, I was a drug dealer,” she told Sway.

“I won’t get into the details of it, because I’mma write a book about it,” she explained. “Just to give you like, (an idea), that’s how we started, then something really bad happened to me (and) as I was coming out of the life (of a drug dealer), he was going more into the life.”


  1. She is talking about this when she has a movie to promote? What a coincidence. If she was dealing drugs (Which I don’t believe), she was doing it in the 90’s when Bill Clinton signed the three strikes law.

    • She does not need to say this to sell movie tickets. I have already seen the movie, it will sell itself.

      She could be saying it for her own hype and promotion, now that because she is getting more shine because of the pac movie.

      • how many of those boring, girls on vacation, movies do we need??? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. SAVE YOUR MONEY

  2. What I hope is she STOPS putting that fucking filler in her face.

    She looks like a wrinkled up crypt keeper mixed with the Joker with that mess!

    • I thought she looked like that because of the cheek implants.

      It could be filler.

      She really should stop though, she’s not as bad as Lil Kim, but people swear they can get addicted to plastic surgery.

      • It’s filler, I’ve noticed she has stopped a bit and is starting to look semi-normal.

        Just grow old naturally, her mom looks great, she should follow suit.

  3. Duffle bag sounds like weed. Doubt if it was full of cash. She sounds like a mid life crisis since her home is empty and she is publicly revealing glory days. I want to know why she is the one who gets Ralph Angel because I don’t want to watch the movie because of that!

    • Ummm…it is a movie, so the character she is playing is a homely mother type who needs to break out and be who she used to be when she was younger.

      There really are no drawn out scenes between them, just a bathroom scene & a hook-up scene you don’t see.

  4. Jada couldn’t answer the question about how she and Will keep it hot, because there is no relationship, maybe a parental one. Will is doing his thang with either Becky’s or men. too late to try to clear up rumors of being swingers. Maybe not now, cause there’s no relationship, but tooo many people had receipts girl, stop lying and trying to convince ask Tisha Campbell.

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