Tyga Discusses Reason For Break Up With Kylie Jenner!

This nucca is a clown… ?


      • *Not Yet* is the operative phrase… All the cut N’ paste that bitch Kylie does on her face will have her looking like mama Elsa from Real Housewives of Miami in about 5 years. LOL!

  1. Does anybody really care why she not with this downlow fool anymore. He should shut up.

  2. The jennerscand kardashians like black men and trannies or better yet black trannies or do they like black men who love having sex with trannies

  3. Simply answer. The matriarch wouldn’t let him use her. The matriarch was running that money. He saw that and moved on. The daughter may be a fool but MAMA isn’t. She been there and done that thru her years of HOEING.

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