Second Woman Sues Usher for Exposing Her to Herpes!

usher herpes lawsuit

In a brand new lawsuit, the woman who goes by Jane Doe said she hooked up with Usher in Atlanta on April 16, 2017 at her home.

She said during their first encounter he wore a condom. But 12 days later, in a New Orleans hotel room, they had sex again and Usher HIT IT RAW! Remember, Usher knew he was exposed to the virus for years.

When she saw the first story about the woman who accused him of giving her herpes, she decided to file a $10 million dollar lawsuit. In the court docs, she doesn’t say if she was infected, she just claims she was “exposed”.

“She says she wouldn’t have had sex with Usher if he’d disclosed he has the virus. She’s suing “U.R. IV” — Usher Raymond IV — for negligence, battery, and emotional distress … and is seeking at least $10 million in damages.”


  1. Who did Usher piss off? I’m certain there is a powerful white man who is responsible for all of Usher’s personal business being leaked to the press. Boule Bill, OJ Simpson, R Kelly and now Usher; there is a definitive plan to destroy black male celebrities.

    • I could give two shits about these so called black celebrities. They sold their souls to the highest bidder, and now they’re reaping the consequences of an industry that doesn’t give a fuck about them. They made their beds, so let them lay in them.

    • When you have STD herpes and having sex without disclosing it to your sex partner its not your personal business anymore.

    • He deserves everything he is getting and more for not staying with Tameka after she gave him sons. He is responsible for one of his sons being dead. That spanish wife of his is probably sick of being married to him and leaking his business. I wonder if the women filing lawsuits are spanish? and after whatever money she hasn’t stolen.

    • We. Know Kelly a freak him having a sex cult ain’t nothing shocking when Kelly goes broke that’s when they gonna get him

      Oj old not a threat bit its still a bunch of pissed off white folks that won’t forget once a black man hurts a white woman he’s a marked man rest if his life

      I sometimes think if oj getting off is a reason these whites going crazy killing blacks revenge for what oj did

  2. I’m certain that Clive Davis may have something to do with Usher’s recent scandals.

  3. Guys just FYI, Usher’s first album was produced by Puff Daddy. Need I say more?

  4. This is the new THOT profession. Raw dog it so that you can sue. Some thots want to retain their body shapes, so they don’t want to get pregnant and obtain that 18 year pension plan. So, they will risk getting STDs, so they can get a pay day. I hope Jane Doe knows that once that legal document become official it will be PUBLIC and everyone will know who she is.

    2ndly, the person who foretold on these comment boards that this year the Entertainment Industry will begin to unravel wasn’t, lyin!

  5. Usher and puffy used to the bed when he was a boy no wonder usher liked Michael.Jackson so.much

    Then usher hooked up with JD another guy who not only likes kids but married Michaels kid sister Janet a bisexual freak

    Puffy is bisexual walking around in his underwear around straight duded

  6. Usher was groomed, abused and turned out just like every other young child celebrity who enters this industry. He turned around and did the same to Justin Beiber. Then they continue to sleep around until they catch something, and then continue to spread it. MK ULTRA monarch slaves are hyper sexualized, so they’ll jump into sex with anybody regardless of the risk to themselves.

    • ^^^ This… Yup, self destructive behavior. And what you said about Justin Beiber I truly believe. Especially after watching the Justin Beiber Roast Comdey Central… One of the guys on there made a joke about how Usher tore up Justin Beiber’s asshole. Needless to say Justin Beiber was not too thrilled and the look on his face pretty much said it all.

      • Michael taught ushet well he would have loved to get bieber in his bed if he lived

  7. You had sec with a married man a d confused you caught herpes and want sympathy. Like really?

  8. I’m so glad that these THOTs are getting Herped up. Thank God the Universe has natural blowback for phuckery!!! I don’t care how many people find what they deem is a natural cure or Dr. Sebi cures for their herpes – if you love being an amoral jackass, there’s a super strain waiting for dat azz! Come git ’em lord jesus!!

    • You sound stupid as fuck…

      Who wishes bad on people then has the nerve to use the lord’s name to justify it?…smfh.

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        • What I know is he is not interested in some ignorant bitch on a gossip site speaking for him.

          Judge not lest ye be judged, you stank cat cow.

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            Hmmm, Questions:

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            *The Greek New Testament describes your Jesus as the Morning Star, aint that the title given to Lucifer?

            *If God had a baby by a human woman, then that contradicts his law against Spirit beings mixing with humans in Genesis 6?

            1. Deuteronomy 4:35,39 — Unto thee it was shown, that thou mightest know that the LORD he is God; THERE IS NON ELSE BESIDE HIM. (39) Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: THERE IS NONE ELSE.

            2. Deuteronomy 6:4 — Hear, O Israel: The LORD thy God is ONE LORD.

            3. Deuteronomy32:39 — See now that I, even I, am he, and there is NO GOD WITH ME: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.

            *BOOM BITCH* Your reality check just came in!

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            • I respect your point of view, but please allow me to clarify somethings respectfully.

              Jesus isn’t white. And as for the Crackers in the streets it takes more than faith to combat racial, political, socioeconomic injustice. It requires strategic actions on all fronts, personal accountability, responsibility, and cutting dead weight from the community that hinders progress.

              God is still sovereign. But it does mean that God, in His infinite wisdom, has allowed Satan to operate in this world within the boundaries God has set for him. When the Bible says Satan has power over the world, we must remember that God has given him domain over unbelievers only. Believers are no longer under the rule of Satan (Colossians 1:13). Unbelievers, on the other hand, are caught “in the snare of the devil” (2 Timothy 2:26), lie in the “power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19), and are in bondage to Satan (Ephesians 2:2).

              god or king of this world means Satan is the major influence on the ideals, opinions, goals, hopes and views of the majority of people. The thoughts, ideas, speculations and false religions of the world are under his control and have sprung from his lies and deceptions. Ephesians 2:2. He is the “ruler of this world” in John 12:31. These titles and many more signify Satan’s capabilities. To say, for example, that Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” is to signify that in some way he rules over the world and the people in it.

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              Deuteronomy 4:35,39; 6:4; 32:39 – The Bible says elsewhere (Isaiah 44:6 ) ( 45:21 ) ; see ( Deuteronomy 32:12 ) ; there is but one God, and Christ the Word, with the Father and the Spirit, are that one God, ( 1 John 5:7 ) ; and there is no other with him; he is the true God, in opposition to all factitious and fictitious gods; he is not a made god, nor a god by office, nor by name and title only, but by nature the one, true, only, and living God.

  9. Career wise, what should URSHER do now? His business is all out. Do an interview & keep it moving, don’t address this at all, or????

  10. You got retards up in here defending they slave. Masters religion some slave ships was called Jesus y’all coons are finished. When the real most high arrives

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