Watch Joseline Hernandez Break Down Into Tears

She says VH1 is trying to make her look bad because she refused to be a part of the reunion filming. IMHO, Joseline needs little to no help making herself look bad.


  1. Unless she goes on another reality show it will be hard for her to break out of her stereotype. She’s trying but short of begging for help – it aint a workin.

  2. lying her ass off talking about she doesn’t do coke. She did coke. She does coke. She did it off and on while preg. She was on some type of opiate while preg cuz poor Bonnie Bella was born with methadone in her system. Thankfully she’s ok now. But Joseline has got to get it together. She’s been thru some shit. Been taken advantage of and has no joke training. Hopefully being a mom will help her. Get have ppl that love you.

  3. She’s told some very ugly lies on Stevie regarding his children.. She had CPA looking into allegations old sexual abuse regarding his daughter.. This woman has serious problems and she thinks hurting and lying in others is the way to go.. This child deserve a good home and mother.

  4. She’s not dumb… I think her time is coming. Leaving L&HH is the best thing for her to do and to remove the stigma of how she portrayed herself on reality tv. It made her a household name… now its time to rebrand and cash out. All it takes is one song and the right feature. Oh, and she could become viable in the right film as well. I wanna see black women win. I’m Team Black Women. Get it how you can… just when you get it, however you get it…share it with the Black Man and vice versa. Pimp The System.

  5. She could try to get in the Wwf ..I think she would make a great wrestler. When she was on llhatl she talked as if she was one.

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