Celebrity Make-Up Artist Details Allegations of Narcissistic Abuse On Set of Million Dollar Matchmaker!!!

HSK Exclusive – A Hollywood make-up artist has gone rogue after being fired by producers of the show Million Dollar Matchmaker.

The celebrity cosmetologist is now running to the media with appalling allegations which tell of violent hands, death threats and sexual harassment claims … all of which she says occurred, “on a set supposedly reserved for making love connections happen.”

The shocking Tinsletown testimony of the beauty expert-turned-whistle blower presents a perverse picture of Patti Stanger, while implicating the famed Millionaire Matchmaker’s “right hand” Candace Smith.

The reported victim at the center of it all is said to be the newest addition to the team of Million Dollar Matchmaker experts, Relationship Consultant Maxwell Billieon. “I was there when the cameras were rolling and Candace threatened to kill Maxwell,” said the source who identified Patti Stanger and “her sidekick” Candice Smith as the alleged perpetrators. “Candice was standing just inches from Maxwell when she pointed her finger at his face and threatened to have him beat up.”

The make-up artist says, “It wasn’t long before I noticed two newbies show up on the set with Maxwell; two men in suits. When I saw Patti punch Maxwell, it was obvious those newbies were there as Maxwell’s personal security because as soon as Patti put her hands on Maxwell they both jumped in the madness to protect Mr. Billieon.”

Dig the drop:

“To say that Patti rubs most people the wrong way is an understatement. But when I heard Patti collectively refer to Candice and the Latinos working on the set as ‘the help’ … I was absolutely disgusted.

Patti is a repulsive person. She often makes obscene comments about Black men and how big their c*cks are.

Firing me, was a blessing. It was the worst place to work.”


  1. Probably some truth to it. That show was always suspect. She was wishy washy when it came to the best ‘look’ to attract a date, particularly if the person was of color. Another reality show with a script.

  2. I’m sorry,,, but while it might be a slow news day. I just saw that Beyonce and Jay Z have just black balled Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and anyone who works with them! Now people are going to spin it as if Kim got blackballed as a result of association with Kanye, but my guess is that Beyonce has most likely been chomping at the bit to find any reason to get away from that Hoe-dashian. People say that Kim is the real mastermind in the family and has pulled many strings behind the scenes to do things. So, Let the games begin!!!

  3. Not surprised. Never liked this woman & had heard long ago she was a fraud….:P

  4. It don’t take a rocket scientist to see the lady was looney. Like duh? Why do ppl go on the internet to expose ppl like we ain’t already figured out the person was cray from watching how they act on TV? This has to be a white person complaining

  5. WELL ITS ABOUT TIME THEY LEARNED ABOUT THIS PECKER NOSE BITCH, FAKE ASSSS RACIST!!!! I never liked that show, she’s a fake racist… Cave Bitch!!!

  6. That’s some millennial non confrontational bullshit. That bitch woulda been on the floor talking that nonsense.

    Insulted six ways from Sunday at LEAST.


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