Trick Daddy versus Meek Mill

“Ever since you lost your girl you’ve been tripping”

Trick Daddy is calling out Meek Mill’s over something Meek said in a recent interview. Check it below.


      • Joking a bit being a 215 native. But on my top 5 list of American cities. Miami is just ahead of Philly @ the 4 spot

  1. Trick daddy isn’t even popping no more he doing old school hip hop tours I mean what trick, and juvenile already considered old school with mystikal I’m like what

    Damn folks going around thinking new edition and jodeci and babyfave are funk artists since they doing funkfests and since the real funk artists are dying out

    • He doesn’t need to be popping anymore. He opened doorS and is respected artist from Miami. I don’t like him but I’m tired of black people treating black artist like throwaway while Mick Jagger is still on tour and appreciateD by olD and new generation whit folk and other races.

      • Thank you, oh millennial extra sensitive, non appreciative ass niggas.

        I can’t STAND that “old head” bullshit… in the 90s we was showing respect to the “old heads” and this the first generation of black folks that actually THINK they’re cooler than the previous generation.

        90s niggas KNEW that black folks a generation up was cooler than us… they could play their own instruments! And we had to sample THEIR shit… now these new niggas is sampling the niggas that sampling other niggas!

        Somebody need a father figure, less time around their white friends, an hour-long intervention as to why it’s NOT okay to parrot the word “awesome” (whether your corny ass at work or not) AND a primer on why it’s CRUCIAL to nod to the cats that came before you.

        Shit is trifling. For REAL.

      • Mick and the stones have always had whites kiss their asses they openly worshipped Satan for decades all the real black artists they stile from are gone

        At least mick paid for Etta James funeral

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