Women Who Had Unprotected S*x with Usher Lining Up to Sue…

According to celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, the same attorney currently representing Blac Chyna with her Rob Kardashian situation, more women have contacted her about having unprotected s*x with Usher after he contracted Herpes in 2009.

Many of the women claim he did not notify them of his status before engaging with them.


  1. This lady attorney is annoying!!! what is she trying to start a war againist men?

    First off Usher been married for the last decade it seems so anyone who messed with him other than the 2 wifes he had is asking for a disease. you cant mess with someone husband and them expect him to be a honest person.

    • First off, He has not been married anywhere near 10 yrs.

      Second the issue is he KNOWS he has a contagious disease and BY LAW is supposed to duclose his condition to his partners. If this were HIV it could be a potential death sentence…so he is the one completely in the WRONG here.

      If this were a woman doing this foul ass shit all you MFs would be talking the most shit about her, but because this is some dude you MFs want to coddle him like he is a child…fuck this dirty ass dude and the diseased cock he rode in on.

    • Usher started this war against women when he was sexing them without disclosing he had herpes to his sex patrners beforehand. Lol at them expecting a man that cheats on his wifee to be honest with them.

    • She’s like her bitchie Mom Gloria Alred, fuck them both, these bitches spend time trying to destroy men’s lives… SO ON BEHALF OF ALL MEN, I SAY FUCK LISA BLOOM AND HER MOM GLORIA ALRED.

      • And on behalf of all women we say FUCK ALL MEN WHO ARE DISEASED AND DON’T DISCLOSE THEIR STATUS!!!!


      • I know usher and bill brought it on themselves but still now all these girls wanna cone out and say he infected them

        • So what?

          He should have been responsible told them he had a disease.

          If someone infected you w/o your knowledge what would you do?

    • 90% of ALL BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN SHOULD BE Beat to death for emasculating black men and cosigning gay agenda or sent to another planet…They are terrible human beings

      • And so are you for saying what you did, because it is BS!

        Too bad your mother did not go to planned parenthood when she had the chance.

  2. OK now I smell set up these girls better gave evidence they even slept with usher

    Looks like its his turn to be the next famous black entertainer picked on by white supremacy

    Cosby won his case but doesn’t look good for usher

  3. Usher is going to lose all of his money. He will end up just as broke as Evander Holyfield.

  4. I am a woman… and I believe these women have only themselves to blame. Usher isnt the only one who had unprotected sex, the women chose not to protect themselves also. This is ridiculous. Now these hoes see (blood) money in the water and they want some. Hell Im no where near the situation AND I KNOW USHER IS A SEX MAGNET WHO SLEEPS AROUND. Why you would endanger yourself to sleep with a person like that I have no idea. If I were a judge I would not have given any of those woman a dime. You let him enter at your own risk. JUST STUPID .


      Herpes can be caught even WITH A CONDOM!!!

      He will HAVE to pay WHICH HE SHOULD, if what they have is traced back to him, he KNEW what he had and since he did NOT TELL his partners, he deserves everything coming his way!

  5. White corporate owned media are heavily reporting on black male stars like R Kelly, Usher and OJ’s scandals. They are not reporting about the pedophile Dennis Hastert only doing 15 months in prison for sexually abusing high school boys.

    The media also isn’t talking about the dean of USC Medical School, Dr. Carmen Puliafito. This man was smoking meth and buying hookers. I’m not making this up.

    Black people commit crimes, it gets plastered all over tv news. White people commit crimes, there is a code of silence.

    • And?

      We know this already.

      The issue is these BLACK MEN specifically need to stop doing dirt that people can report about…Rape, Spreading Disease and Collecting Women should NEVER BE TOLERATED by ANY COMMUNITY…but if you are in the public eye how about doing the right thing, so no one can say shit about you.

    • HOLY SHIT!!!!! They got him! Entertainment Industry c00ns are free falling like crazy. OMG! Thanks for the hot tip CrazyChris while HSK is on lunch break.

  6. Cave bitch, please!

    You’re an attorney and already ruining a potential case against dude by displaying your biased opinion before you’ve secured any pro bono cases?

    This bitch is mad dumb and WILL be taking these cases for the same reason all these new herpe recruits was messing with Usher in the first place…

    for the attention.


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