Drake’s Stripper Ex Talking Bout He Tried to Make Her Stop Dancing!

One of Drake’s ex’s is talking about some of the singers insecurities .. including that time he tried to make her stop stripping.

According to Maliah Michel, also an ex GF of Sean Kingston, she “loves stripping” … but Drake acted like a simp , wanting her only on his pole!

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  1. Maliah always owns her shit. Some people are just very sexual, so let her live. Hopefully one day she’ll quit tho. Until Drake quits going to the strip club he should stfu. Ijs

  2. Maybe he had bigger plans for her but wanted to tell their children mama USED to dance.

    Stripping when other options fail you is one thing but shaking your ass for strange men for pleasure is for girls you don’t trust.

  3. Drake been a cake boy. Why is this an issue? Meek dumb ass tried to air it out (when the media circus already did a great job of cosigning Wheelchair Jimmy), and then lost to this nigga in a social media battle (smh).

    Just make the switch to total R&B and keep it moving. Hip-Hop hasn’t recovered since.

    • Hip hop is gay techno these days, drake is a simp he buys pussy, he cries, come on grunge rock is more hardcore Han this idiot

      All his songs he flying strippers around the world, buying gifts, and he wonder why girls leave him wasn’t forbmobey he wouldn’t get no pussy

  4. This BISH is crazy, he was tryna take you off that stinky, nasty, puzzi smellin pole, but you wanna stay on it????? Like WTF!!!!!

  5. Most strippers are broken toys. They have been so damaged by childhood sexual abuse, the only way they can feel power over men(who they actually hate) is through stripping and watching them grovel and lust after them.

    Yeah, there are a few out there who get into dancing in order to pay for college and shit, but the majority are very broken women.

    • Nah. They’re addicted to the money. It’s easy and good money. Many of them have multiple houses and cars. They can get regular jobs, but they’d rather work 2 nights a week and make the same money as someone in upper management.

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