Update On Kirk Frost Child Abandonment Case Brought By Baby Moms Jasmine Washington

Kirk Frost was in court this week, and was granted more time to prepare for the judge. Kirk will appear again in court on  July 26th and answer the judge about possible child abandonment charges.

If the judge finds probable cause Kirk Frost will be forced to take a DNA test on the spot and if found to be the father he will be place on probation for the next 18 years along with child support.


  1. Abandonment is almost guaranteed in this day and time! A woman having a baby these days should just plan on not having any type of help whatsoever. She is truly on her own, no matter if she has one kid or six kids!

    • There’s a Hispanic young lady who lives near me, can’t be any older than 33. She has 7 kids with multiple baby daddies. One of em just turned 18. Someone said she meets the guys at bars, get pregnant and collect child support when the relationship goes South, but get this, SHE HAS A JOB WORKING WITH KIDS……..SMH.

      • I know a “lady” like that as soon as one graduates from high school, she has another

  2. Well yeah if she gone have a baby by a married man, pretty mich guaranteed, thats a no brainer.

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