Maia Campbell Sex Tapes Leaked by ‘Friends’ of the Actress

It is confirmed that a sex tape has been leaked starring the troubled former child-star, Maia Campbell. The video shows Maia having sex and other explicit things that we won’t be showing here.

The sex tape comes days after Maia went viral after her self described friend posted a video online of her begging for drugs. According to sources, Maia is hanging around men who are exploiting her and posting her sexual activities on porn sites.

One day ago, Maia responded to LL Cool J’s off of help, letting him know that she didn’t want his help.


    • Perhaps we should show her a little more compassion? We already know, or at least have some idea about the horrible shit that goes on in Hollywood, and lord knows what she probably went through during her time in the industry. Very few people make it in Hollywood, or out of it fully intact.

  1. Wow. Her own “friends” are willing to fuck her over in such a way. This will likely trigger her into even more if a downward spiral. In Hollywood, your friends ain’t shit, just envy filled vultures who watch your every move, waiting for you to slip up. Fuck them for that. Sounds like “they” also setting her up for a sacrifice. Why else would they leak such a thing.

  2. I just realized something, Debbie Allen hasn’t said a word. She and Quincy Jones were the executive producers of the tv show In The House. Knowing how Debbie Allen and Q get down, there is no telling what type of torture Maia Campbell has been put through. #PrayForMaiaCampbell

    • Agreed. She already mentioned in the last video that a ‘coSBy’-type raped her but she said he used a condom. #Praying

  3. One gossip site a long while ago suggested that she was pimped out after entering the business. She would have been a minor.

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