Due Today: Judgement Against Kirk Frost For Child Abandonment of Jump-Off Baby w/ Jasmine Washington

If Kirk’s no-longer-secret baby mamma, Jasmine Washington, can show probable cause in
court today, then a warrant will be issued for Kirk Frost on Child Abandonment.

Child Abandonment is against the law in the state of Georgia. If you haven’t contributed to your child’s welfare in more than 60 days you can go to jail for child abandonment. At that time if you haven’t taken a DNA test the judge will force one. If proven to be the father you’re placed on Probation for a period of 18yrs and ordered to pay support.

Today is the hearing to see if there’s probable cause to issue the warrant or make Kirk take the test!


  1. Wow, this man is a POS. Didn’t he swab the mouth of one of the children that he had with his wife? Yet, he’s dragging his feet to do the same with some thot who’s claiming to have his child? Rasheeda must have an incurable std because I can’t imagine why she’s still with this idiot.

    • It’s really sad that he keeps cheating on him and she keeps taking him back. He’s a dirty dog to keep sleeping around and she’s worse than a fool staying with him.. All if the passing diseases around like they drinking shots…

    • Dang I never thought about that. I’m trying to figure that out too. Because Resheeda Gorgeous and Young, she can find another Kirk and way better in like 6 weeks. I don’t understand either

    • Kirk been grooming and brainwashing Rasheeda since go. That’s why her dumb simple minded weak ass won’t leave. She talks a good game but that’s it. And I don’t feel an once of sympathy considering how she did K. Michelle and that Kalema chick from 2 seasons ago.

  2. There is a lot wrong with this situation.

    1. Rasheeda don’t care, cause if she did she would not allow this to be on TV for no kind of money. If she do care, she’s crazy and I understand why Kirk keep running around on her.

    2. Kirk should’ve been gone 2 seasons ago based off his behavior

    3. I’m confused at why Jasmine is pressing Kirk for anything. You can’t have a baby by a married man and expect him to be a good Father. He ain’t a good person and you knew that when he approached you for your number, he married!

    4. What is Rods real motive for pretending to be a Dad to another mans baby? Jasmine should be suspicious of this

    5. Did Kirk graduate high school ? It doesn’t seems as though he understands much

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