Tupac’s Photographer Sues the Jenner Sisters

kendall kylie tupac biggie t shirt

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have finally been hit with a lawsuit for the two shirts that superimposed Tupac’s face.

The images of the late rapper were captured by a photographer named Michael Miller who holds the rights to the pictures. He says he never gave the sisters permission to use the pictures, and he never wanted to work with them anyway, especially not with Kendall after she took part in that Pepsi commercial.

He says an apology isn’t good enough and he wants them to hand over some $$$$.

The Jenner family lawyer has since spoken:

“Family representative Todd Wilson tells TMZ the lawsuit is absurd as the sisters had nothing to do with the creation of the shirts. Kendall and Kylie gave their approval for the design but rely on their brand to handle the rest. Essentially, Wilson tells us, ‘it’s like suing an actor for being in a movie.'”


  1. exactly!!! I cant stand any of them Kardashians at all, but if you gone start a war with them, you gone have to come better than this. He sold them pictures to somebody and that somebody sold them pictures to them. He just gone make a complete fool of him self. I guess the attorneys just hoping they give in to shut everyone up. But this far it doesnt appear so.

    • Let her write the check $$$$ lmao Doesn’t take from the fact that the KKK/Jenner are user of black culture! DEAL!

      • Yeah and they used white culture too. Pearl Jam, Metallica, Tupac and Biggie.

        That seems pretty all racial to me. Of all the things they have done which are objectionable, this seems less so.

        • If you ever became famous (which will never happen) and someone put their ass and face all over your image selling it for $125 a pop without paying you, I am sure you would not think it was no big deal.

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