Jenner Sisters Facing Lawsuits Over Unauthorized Tees

kendall kylie t shirt tupac biggie

Even though Kendall and Kylie Jenner issued a public apology and removed the unauthorized music T-shirts from their website, the lawsuits have already started pouring in!

According to PEOPLE magazine, Biggie’s estate appreciates the shirts being pulled, but they say the legal matter is far from over.

“While we appreciate that the Jenners have made an apology and pulled the unlawful and unauthorized items, this matter has yet to be resolved.”

Also, the rock band the Doors has already sent out a cease-and-desist to the Jenners.

“Your use of the registered trademarks in commerce is likely to cause confusion, mistake or to deceive consumers into believing that the Kendall + Kylie apparel was authorized by the Doors when no such authorization was sought or provided by the Doors. The superimposing of a selfie of Kendall Jenner over the iconic ‘Lion’ portrait of the late Jim Morrison is offensive and remarkable for its failure to recognize the rights of the estate of Mr. Morrison to control the use of his likeness.”

Although Ozzy Osbourne has yet to file a lawsuit, his wife and daughter have recently spoken out.

Are the Jenners getting what they deserve?


  1. Quote from Dr Umar Johnson: “The primary function of racism is not greed, the primary function of racism is white genetic survival.”

    One of the best quotes I have ever heard from a black man! Thank you Dr Umar Johnson.

  2. The Osburnes and Pacs estate did not file a lawsuit because they have the own coins, are use to ppl jocking they shyt and have better stuff to do other than spend time in court with them lame azz Kardashians. Plus they smart enough to know Kyndall and Kylie got permission from someone that owns some rights, just not the estate or family. Biggies Mama have way too much time on her hands obviously, must be ruining out of money or something. She should be snart enout to know them Kardashians got more than wnough ppl around them that would not let them make a mistake of copyright infrindgement. They aint mentioning the approval because they trying to be respectful, but keep pushing them hoez and they gone be suing you back for wasting they time.

    • I’m very happy that they are being taught a lesson. These culture vultures need a slap in the form of a lawsuit. I hope these morally bankrupt whores become financially bankrupt. I salute Violeta and the Doors for teaching them a lesson!

  3. What made them think that splattering their image over artists who have actually contributed art was a good idea! What exactly was their motive behind this. I am interested in their motives and not their apologies!

  4. I find it offensive that the back of one of the t shirts has KK emblazoned on it in huge gothic letters.
    Do they really wish they could put one more K with those two so they complete their subconscious intention. It’s sick and scary imo.

    • They already done that, call themselves the KKK that accepts black people. No, they are the KKK that exploits black people in another way. Look what they do to Lamar and Kanye. Bleed them emotionally and financially then dump them. They made sure RJ got peanuts from the sex tape while Kim gets the lion share. They sue anyone that uses their image and actually win. It’s how they role. They need to get sued. You know the pimp is calling to settle out of court.

  5. Off topic:

    Steph Curry just signed a 5 year $201 million dollar contract. This is the largest contract in NBA history.

    P.S. All NBA contracts are guaranteed contracts.

  6. I really don’t think this is that big of deal, I think Biggie mama is over thinking it and The Osborne lady and daughter responded perfectly! Biggie Mama just need some money and obviously has nothing else to do. Her son was not even a legend! If anything PAC and the Osbournes should be the one suing because the only way a Biggie shirt is going to sell for $125 is with them raggedy azz Kardashians half naked on it, just the way they did it!

    Biggie was messing with Lil Kim, so it ain’t like he didn’t mess with hookers, why she trying to act like her son too good for these little hood rats.

    • When the shoe is on the other foot, they do the same thing. And they STEAL other people’s ish on a regular basis, so it’s about time!

  7. This shows a clear difference between Cali ppl and other ppl. Ppl make and sell these kinds of shirts all the time and ain’t nobody tripping like that. Most ppl would’ve did just what the Osbourne girl did, make a shirt with a middle finger and sell that mess. All these ppl famous and rich, it ain’t that serious.

    Did Halle Berry suit when they made a full out song about her? No! You know why, cause she got other shyt to do and they did not have her approval to use her name like that. As a matter a fact she start doing the dance and supporting it.

    • You still don’t get it. It’s not about the money. Maybe mama has contempt for this grifter family and don’t want them to profit one red cent. Why do you keep minimizing that and defending these witches.

      • No. Lovely Ldy is clearly a business woman and she knows what she is talking about.

        Metallica is worth 500 times what the estate of Biggie is worth, but they have complained either.

        Do you people think that you have to pay George Washington’s heirs for using his image?

  8. I think everyone should sue. Biggie’s mother isn’t broke, just pissed. Glad she sued. Sick of these bitches.

  9. These women need to be blasted into oblivion. They need to stop exploiting back people. I’m glad that they are going to be put in their place. This is all about principle.

  10. To all the so called ‘business’ people of this page…

    It’s about the celebrity’s ESTATE. It may not be he actual celeb going after them- but the celebrity’s Estate. The estate controls their image, product branding and a host of marketing and multi media things. Their #1 function is to handle all things financial and if they can get paid behind the branding of their celeb- THEY WILL.

    Some celebrities owe money and the estate has to pay it off. So heck yeah they are going after the Jenners for the coins. Rich people make dumb decisions all day long- no matter who they have advising them. Trust Violeta and The Doors will get the guap owed to them.

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