WTF?! Kendall & Kylie Slang’in Tupac and Biggie T-Shirts

kendall kylie tupac biggie t shirt

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are catching heat after releasing a limited-edition collection of T-shirts. The tees have the Jenner sisters’ images superimposed on top of photos of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. On Kendall’s tee, she’s rocking cornrows and big hoop earrings alongside Biggie.

The tees are selling for $125 each through their Kendall + Kylie clothing label.

The collection also includes shirts featuring rock groups like Metallica nad Led Zeppelin.

Are they out of line for this mess?

kendall kylie t shirt tupac biggie


  1. They need to tell the customers they are pimping what the t shirts are supposed to represent.
    Looks like they cannot sell anything, including themselves, that is not affiliated with a black man.

    • Exactly. If they were white artists, they wouldn’t move the products. But they go to black folks to keep them float. Why doesn’t everyone see this. What white guy would have these women. Hell, even Scott doesn’t want them.

    • It’s opportunism on the backs of black people. That is the issue here. If you don’t mind this exploitation, then this is your cup of tea.

    • Create a product you are selling. You proud of that item. Now I come in and rebrand YOUR product and selling it as mine. That’s not capitalism, that’s theft.

  2. This culture vulture bullshit is our fault. Self hating black people who lust after these ugly white bitches have nobody to blame but themselves. White owned urban websites (Bossip) and coons like Robert Littal are to blame because they constantly publish stories about these KKK bitches. I have a wonderful idea, ignore these succubus sluts!

  3. Any black person who buys these t-shirts needs to smack themselves across the face with dirty toilet plunger!

  4. Normally, I would say ignore these troglodyte bitches (I call them this because they are being deliberately ignorant), but they need to be called out for this fuckery. They also need a swift kick to their faces.

    • You can never ignore when they hijack somebody else’s work. The always do. Khloe stole from that designer and resold those items as her own brand. That is illegal. Then she is running around that she is going to sue the designer for talking about her. Watch these two putas threaten lawsuit against Big’s estates. Wait for it.

  5. 125 for a damn shirt of PAC and biggie that you can get for ten but I forgot Kylie and Kendall jenner on there oops

    They need to go.ask their tranny dad why he turned into a bitch

  6. Actually they need to get sued. Can you go buy a Burberry purse, put another stripe on it then sell it under your own label. Something is seriously wrong here. You know Burberry will have the lawyers at your front door with a cease and desist letter and to turn over every penny you made to them scamming their product. Where are the lawyers when you need them.

  7. Kylie and Kendall need their asses wooped but black men kiss the ground they walk on

  8. Since they also issued the shirts with white rockers’ faces as well, I can’t see how this is “black exploitation.” It may be exploitation, but it seems to be across the board.

    As for the Burberry analogy, there was an artist a coupe of years ago who painted all over Hermes Birkin bags and sold then for $50K. None other than Kim K bought one of them.

  9. I’ve seen plenty shirts of celebrities in stores. Maybe they got it cleared by the labels. Once you become a celebrity then Jws in Beverly Hills own you. They don’t have to ask the celebrities directly.

  10. What kind of fu#k sh#t is this? I wonder what pac would say after seeing these retarded witches and they fuckery! Our ears would have a blast listening to the bars he would come with cuz pac was not afraid of the “elite”. Big and pac not here that’s why they thought they could get away with this high level of clear disrespect.

    • sheeet. Pac would have probably banged one of them

      like every other black celebrity

      Samuel L Jackson once said that he would trade his paycheck for an entire film just to have Kim’s ass for a week(but that was about 10 years ago)

      • Pac would not have touched these toxic bitches.

        He was getting to a point in his life where he was over the dumb shit.

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