Venus Williams Blamed In Fatal Car Crash

venus williams fatal car crash

On June 9, Venus Williams’ SUV T-boned another car at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The driver, 78-year-old Jerome Barson, suffered head trauma and was taken to a hospital and placed in ICU. He never recovered from his injuries and died two weeks later.

The passenger in the vehicle, Jerome’s wife, suffered broken bones but survived the accident.

Sources say Venus is being blamed for the wreck because she didn’t have the right of way at the time the crash took place.


  1. Look at the drawing. It looks like she was almost past the intersection and on the other side when the other car move forward onto the intersection. This happens when you are the last, trailing on green which goes yellow to red. The opposite car has the right of way on green but your car is stuck behind others on the intersection. You in fact then are blocking traffic but the other car cannot move forward.
    It’s possible that she in the middle of the intersection stepped to get out of the way but the other car was already moving forward and she hit it. This is why you never hit the gas as soon as the light turns green. Some car is speeding forward and is trying to take yellow that quickly turns green and there you have a collision or get hit, even though you had right of way.
    Terrible legacy to have. You have Brandy, Laura Bush, Bruce Jenner, didn’t Halle Berry have the same issue.

    • What does Brandy, Bush, Jenner & Berry have in common? They all got off for vehicular manslaughter. Venus will be fine. She’s rich, she knows what to do.

        • Bruce is NOT a woman…Practically All the famous men who have been in accidents have DIED James Dean, Paul Walker etc…so shove that misogynistic BS up your ASS!

          • Of course Bruce is not a woman that’s why I added the “lol”. Those guys were speeding n Porsches; ladies r killing ppl by doing basic shit like right of way etc … simple fundamentals

    • Florida jerks are so desperate for accident money they drive on the freeway at NIGHT with their lights out, hoping you hit them.

      Her vehicle recording devices should show who is at fault, but her rich black azz in cubaland will not stand a chance UNLESS the people she hit are black to.

      • There are cameras all over South Florida. It will show what happened. If you look at the diagrams, it looks like she went on amber and got caught on red as she was leaving the intersection. The other car proceeded without seeing her. I’m not saying this to defend her put her down. For all I care, both these people could be regular folks. Look it up.

        • Yellow means PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

          Now if the yellow has been programmed to go red in ONE second, rather than 20 seconds (example), then you dont have time to clear the intersection and THE CITY IS AT FAULT. That happened to me .

  2. Venus looks lovely. I honestly think she has grown to be the more attractive of the sisters.

    I’m sorry but Serena has gotten too damn big. But then I get it that if she didn’t “juice” she wouldn’t be the players she is. Venus kept it natural and she still has more money than god.

      • Dream on sweetie. She takes more PEDs than the entire O Line of the NY Giants.

        I know this for a fact, but I cannot disclose my source. Let’s just say that I am connected to someone who works for SW.

        Do you really think a woman can get that big and strong without PEDS? I m not saying that she is taking steroids by the way.

        • Fuck you HAG!

          I don’t give a shit about YOUR SOURCE…people talk shit all the time and it is NOT ALWAYS TRUE!!!

          And every athlete takes something, but it does not mean that is how or why she is muscular…there is something called genetics, if it was not in her DNA she would not be able to develop muscles.

  3. Though not a female, rapper DJ Quik also hit and killed a 5 year old boy back in 1995. He never apologized to the little boys family either. The little boys cousin has even confronted him over it as well.

  4. She would be real stupid to settle this accident. Hopefully her insurance company will fight it.

    If you are so darn old you cant see a HUGE BLACK SUV right in front of you and stop, then you have no business with a driver’s license.

    Saving your life should be more important than WHO HAS THE LIGHT OR RIGHT OF WAY!

    • “If you are so darn old you cant see a HUGE BLACK SUV right in front of you and stop, then you have no business with a driver’s license.” <—THIS!!!

  5. Hmm… Judging how this all went down, Venus wouldn’t be at fault. Though even if she was, she wouldn’t face charges sadly because of hollywood/industry. But still, what a horrible and tragic event to have attached to you.

  6. Attention black men and black women, if you are lucky enough to earn millions of dollars, HIRE A DRIVER!

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