Biggie’s Mom BLASTS Kylie & Kendall Over Unauthorized T-Shirts

voletta wallace kendall kylie

Voletta Wallace is fighting for her deceased son and Tupac by BLASTING Kendall and Kylie’s T-shirt line!

In an IG post, Ms. Wallace says she can’t believe the level of disrespect. She also called it “disgusting exploitation at its worst!!!”

The T-shirts have since been removed from their website, but Ms. Wallace and Biggie’s estate should still look into filing a lawsuit, don’t you think?


  1. Yes…she should!

    Should have known these no taste, no class, low life skanks did not go through the proper channels.

  2. These cavebeast lovin negroes are the ones who made them feel like they could do sh*t like this. They need to be checked!

  3. Normally, I would say ignore these troglodyte bitches (I call them this because they are being deliberately ignorant), but they need to be called out for this fuckery. They also need a swift kick to their faces.

    Yes, I know I said this on the other thread about these slores, but it’s worth repeating.

  4. Question why does black hollywood continue to broadcast these ugly white bitches? When I say black hollywood, I’m also talking about the boules and the prince hall masons and the urban websites.

    • Cause they want all white girls to feel superior to black women and theyvwant black men to worship white girls which is why black guys are putting down black women and black women are praising each other for dating white guys

    • Voletta, his children and Faith. Though separated at his death, Faith would of received 50% (as his wife) and his son and daughter 25% each, but Faith split her 50 with Voletta since Biggie died without a will. I will always respect Faith for being unselfish in this instance because she knew Biggie would of wanted his mom to have something.

      • that dirty stupid woman would have kept Faith in court forever if she hadn’t caved in

        • She wouldn’t of had a legal leg to stand on and would have LOST too because Faith was his legal wife regardless of whether or not they were estranged. She knows this too, which is why she has always song Faith’s praises.

    • this witch is trying to get attention off of tupac very successful movie that is out now

  5. She should definitely seek damages. Their mother would make sure they lawyered up if it was done to them.

    • The K/J’s have won almost every case against them and that they have filed. I don’t know how much money they made selling those shirts but it should all be turned over to his estate. They have also done this to rockers but we haven’t heard from them.

  6. Folks been riding oacs dick all year wack 100, and women still being asked how was PAC in bed the movie came out everybody wanna cash in on PAC

    Damn twenty one years and PAC still getting dissed, hated, loved and praised,

    PAC gas the movie out and inducted in the rock and roll hall if fame new conspiracy theories that snoop had PAC killed now this

    • And I love every bit of that because we need to hold our greats in high esteem like other races do. Elvis was a peanut butter and banana eating, pill popping, culture stealing, pedophile but folks still have “sightings,” visit Graceland and call him the “king.”

      Why shouldn’t we keep Pac’s memory and legacy alive? He wasn’t perfect but he was definitely a genius and should be celebrated as such. Despite his flaws, he accomplished more in 25 years than a lot of folks do in a lifetime.

  7. Breaking newssss!!! The rotten dirty scoundrels pulled the shirts off market and issued a mea culpa. One of those ”I’m sorry to anyone that has been offended.” Why can’t they say it was wrong and not some accidental thing. They knew what they were doing and didn’t expect the blowback.

    • what dose that mean she’s jamaican….who the hell cares….and by the way biggie was a drug dealer and bragged about it,,,i have no respect for fuckers who sell crack to broken souls because that shit destroys life…..fuck biggie ,he’s not God…

  8. She should keep Tupac name out of her mouth, that’s what I think. Tupac, his Mama or his estate would careless about Tupac T-shirts being sold. They got all kinds of unathurized Tupac shirts all up and down and through LA. Businesses got Tupac painted on they building. She lucky they trying to keep Biggie relevant. And I’m sure Puffy consigned it, ain’t he friends with them?

    • Tupac and Biggie’s name, likeness and image belong to their ESTATE…not to two pampered, spoiled, untalented bitches with nothing else to do but hijack someone ELSE’S accomplishments to make a buck off of. They knew exactly what they were doing and at $125 a pop, they expected monetary gain from it. So, yeah, this is a big deal and should be handled.

    • I think you are missing the point. It’s not about relevancy. The estates of both rappers should be vigilant about anyone trying to profit off them. Even if we don’t hear those names again, no one should profit unless it is the family that want to do projects, etc. like films. Snoop and Puff have no say whatsoever about those estates.

      • I understand all that, but Tupac mama never cared when she was here, so Biggie mama need to mind her sons business and keep Tupac name out of her mouth. Because plenty of Tupac T-shirts being sold all through LA stores, heck even Forever 21. They been selling his stuff out here since he got shot and Tupac Mama never shut it down. So makes me feel like Biggie mama trying to capitalize off Tupac, cause don’t nobody give a shyt about Biggie but the ppl that live in New York.

        • Who said Afeni never cared!? That couldn’t be further from the truth…ask SUGE KNIGHT! She sued for and won the rights to her son’s music, image and likeness and proved that Death Row was ripping Pac off left and right.

          Yes, there will always be folks in the hood trying to make a buck off of whatever is hot and selling at the moment. But I bet a chain as big as Forever 21 is NOT selling anything remotely related to Pac without that estate’s approval.

  9. Because I truly think it’s disrespectful for her to even mention Tupac name on her instagram considering the crip that shot Tupac said they was hired by Puffy to take Tupac out. Tupac did not like Biggie and ain’t no way he would want Biggie Mama acting like she protecting him. She doing the same thing Kylie and Kendall doing, crossing they boundaries

    • PAC disrespected biggie marriage whether he fucked faith or not he made it public he fucked faith and he gave death threats to biggies kids but guess who died first and died childless

    • Biggie and Pac’s mom met and became great friends through the shared loss of their sons. Voletta knows Afeni, who was fiercely protective of Pac’s estate, would NOT g for these little hoes trying to rip her son off. And anybody that can’t understand that…and the fact that these girls are trying to tie themselves and their stank images to Biggie and Pac…is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

      • Tupac shirts have been being sold all through Southern California, including at stores like Forever 21 and other stores all up and down Melrose, the Alley, Crenshaw Mall, Beverly Center and Orange County Mall. If Afeni ain’t stop them, I doubt she would’ve cared about these two dumb azz girls. I understand what these girls are doing is Shady, but I do not think Tupac or his Mama would’ve gave a shyt. She would’ve been more concerned about that Movie. And I’m pretty sure Kylie and Kendall got approval to do what they did. If Tupacs estate could not stop a bogus Bio Pic, why would you think they can stop they t-shirts from being sold. I would bet they got approval from the people that owned Tupac and Biggie when they was here.

  10. Thank you Mama!! The most sensible post on this tread . That other Lady up top is moronic.

    • No she don’t because If Tupac Mama or Estate had complete control over his name, likeness or whatever, please explain how a bogus Bio Pic got released???? Kylie and Kendall have lawyers that Got everything cleared. They just took it down out of respect since Biggie Mams is offended. But best believe them slutty girls got that mess approved by the people who owned Tupac and Biggie.

      • Afeni signed off on the biopic before she died, it had been written way before it came out.

        And those bitches did NOT get approval from anyone.

        Pac & Biggie are just two of the images…they also had rock bands like the Doors whose estate is going after them.

      • If that got it APPROVED why is Voletta MAD ABOUT IT? Clearly if it was APPROVED she wouldn’t be raising hell about something she APPROVED!!!!! If you can read and COMPREHEND the headline says this shit was UN-AUTHORIZED…as in NOT AUTHORIZED, NOT APPROVED! Is that really so far fetched that you can’t understand it?

  11. I can’t stand these not talented buyabody having ass hoes. They love to steal black culture and won’t even make makeup that looks good on black women fuck them they need to go away!

  12. They live to make black people makes them laugh and they enjoy the shit in they household. Its like sport, how can we make the niggers mad today? Its really easy bcuz they get mad at anything lol. Biggie & 2pac were negative influences on the black community & they are still praised as if they are black jesus & his son, please. The only reason these white build-a-whores do this shit bcuz they all were/are working 4 satan. Including Biggie. 90% of rap album sales are white, so Biggie mama should be thanking the white whores for helping her line her pockets from her son who promoted violence drug dealing, hate of black woman, and other negative shit…wish more of these negative niggahs would end up with bullets in they head. Im done thnx.

  13. They live to make black people makes them laugh and they enjoy the shit in they household. Its like sport, how can we make the niggas mad today? Its really easy bcuz they get mad at anything lol. Biggie & 2pac were negative influences on the black community and like these white build-a-whores, were/are wprking for Satan. 95% of rap album sales come from whites, so biggie mom should be thanking the white whores for helping line her pockets some more. Biggie was a negative influence on the black community promoted violence, drugs, murder, degrading black women, and yet him and tupac are like black jesus & his son….fuk outta here. Wish more negative whoremongering niggas ended up wit a bullet in they head too. Biggie & 2pac didnt leave shit for the black community except conspiracies, negativity, and a hard fuckin time….good riddance.

  14. Pac was no angel, but he was one who wanted to change what was going on in the black community…why do you think they killed him?

    Because he was trying to break away from death row and he was talking to all the rappers in the industry trying to get them to come together to create change in the community.

    Part of the reason snoop created that football league was because of Pac’s influence…even though his bitch ass knew what was about to go down.

  15. Quote from Dr Umar Johnson: “The primary function of racism is not greed, the primary function of racism is white genetic survival.”

    One of the best quotes I have ever heard from a black man! Thank you Dr Umar Johnson.

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