Mel B Blew Through $50 Million Spice Girls Fortune

mel b spice girls fortune broke

Mel B’s estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, is asking for $118,000 in spousal support after claiming he’s now homeless.

But Mel B fired back by saying she doesn’t have any money either. In fact, she blew through all the money she made from her days in the Spice Girls.

“She wiped out all her Spice Girls money, approximately $50 million if not more.”

On top of that, the couple has massive tax debts that need to be paid. Since Mel’s current $194,000-$198,000 monthly income isn’t enough to pay their bills, the estranged couple has been forced to put their $8 million dollar Los Angeles home on the market.


  1. Stupid Euro trash black bitch; most black people will never see $50 million dollars in their lives. Shit, most white people will never see $50 million dollars in their lives. Mel B needs to be spanked with a old rusty leather belt.

    P.S. I thought Mel B was getting child support checks from Eddie Murphy

    • She’s getting money from Eddie but she’s not broke. She just doesn’t have Spice Girl money like she used too, or is hiding it.

  2. Her monthly income is three times what most people make in a year! I have little sympathy when most of us are trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in our belly!

    • You can’t compare yourself to these idiots. It’s not a matter of sympathy. It’s amazement at the stupidity of rich folks. True, her income is outrageous, but their spending was as well. Now he expects her to keep up his maintenance. He actually wants more than half of what she makes monthly. It’s the greed on his behalf that makes this story maddening. They both blew thru her wealth and he expects to ride her coat tails, no job.

  3. I’m no Mel fan but, I’don’t like to believe that she is pulling a fast one here. Hopefully she anticipated this type of cookery and started hiding her money months ago.

    After all this man put her through I bet she is loath to pay him a single penny!

    Well, it worked for Paul McCartney …

      • Yep, women deserve every penny they get. Taking care of every aspect of a household, besides dealing with a man’s shit is worth more than a check.

        A freeloading man should do the world a favor and take a long walk off a short cliff.

      • The women have often been prevented from having a job due to child rearing or just because her ‘man’ doesn’t want her to work. They are entitled.

  4. Rich people need to quit getting married. Just get a long standing partner, give them a monthly stipend and make sure they maintain their own residence so they can’t claim common law marriage. This man married her for her money. That is it. She married him because he looked attractive to her, that is it. She was warned about his personality and refused to listen. How many times have we seen this sorry episode with these sorry couples. She talked to the lawyers who helped her shelter her money. She needs to pay him monthly money because this is what she bargained for, but not what he is asking for. Folks, no matter who you are, don’t have baby with crappy people.

  5. This no talented Euro slut made $50 million dollars? I know doctors and lawyers who will never make that kind of money. The President of the United States only makes $400,000 dollars a year. Add Mel B’s name to the list of stupid black people who wasted millions of dollars. This list includes:

    1. Mike Tyson (Earned over $400 million dollars gross during boxing career)

    2. Antoine Walker (Earned $100 million dollars gross during NBA career)

    3. Shawn Kemp

    4. MC Hammer (In 1991, made $31 million dollars, brought $30 million dollar mansion)

    5. Red Foxx

    6. Dionne Warwick

    7. Michael Vick

    8. Terrell Owens (made $70 million dollars in the NFL)

    9. Evander Holyfield (Made $200 million dollars gross in boxing)

    • They fool themselves into thinking it will last forever. Did any of these people think it was going to keep coming as they slip into their later years. Then you have the Clinton Portis and Tim Duncan who invested with the wrong people and got money stolen right under their noses. They could have put their money away at Fidelity, get rid of the financial planners, and live off the interest.

      • Agreed!! Finally someone on here making sense. Whyyyyyy do they not borrow against their money??? They could keep it, live decently and watch it grow. Idiots, all of them!!!!

  6. If you wanna be my lover,you got to get with my friends……dumb English cunt!

      • Do you have a life?

        Reading every comment and trying to correct them must leave little time for one.

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