Kenya Moore FIRED From RHOA?

kenya moore fired real housewives

Bravo TV is reportedly furious about all the events surrounding Kenya Moore’s recent surprise wedding.

According to sources, the show has already started filming season 10. Since Kenya got married without cameras present, producers don’t think her story line is strong enough for her to remain on the show.

“The network isn’t happy with the recent series of events involving her ‘wedding.’ They feel that it put the authenticity of the series in jeopardy.She’s attempted to smooth things over by offering to have another ceremony next summer for the cameras, but that plan hasn’t been well received either.”

Do you think she deserves to get the boot?


  1. Similar to Stacey Dash, Kenya Moore had one thing going for her; her looks. This champagne taste, kool aid budget bitch has no talent, can’t act or sing and she is in her mid forties. I hope she saved her money because I doubt any black hollywood producer will hire her.

  2. yes yes yes fire the ugly skank. She is phoney and so desperate for love, so emotionally needy. Glad her mother dumped her at birth. She is very unloveable.

        • Kim is just mad that a black woman has real natural longer hair than hers and doesn’t need a wig to have fuller and longer hair. Kenya wears pieces as an option if she does where them but she don’t need to her hair is long and thick. Kim is intimidated clearly.

          • kim is a racist white trash whose smart enough to become a nurse and use her pussy power to use insecure men. As far as being mad about kenya being a beautiful and dark skin i agree

  3. If they do fire her rest assure she will get paid one way or another – severance pay or a civil judgement. She aint no dummy.

  4. So the wedding is real then. How can she remain on the show then hauling a story line about issues with potential suitors, singleness, etc. when she is a married woman already and whose husband is not part of her story line. Yes, they did right to dismiss her since she no longer fits on their silly show. If she wishes to have a happy private life, she needs to run from this show and all reality shows.

  5. She has been on the show way too long, and needs to go. Her mean spirit leaves me feeling bad after the show.

  6. Kenya Moore, Stacey Dash, Claudia Jordan and Lisa Raye; four black women who have no talent, lost their looks and are ran through by dozens of DL brothers. Black men stay away from these broke, old high price hoes. Your health and your sanity depends on it.

      • He always goes back and forth on who he calls black and mulatto.

        He usually calls them black when he is writing some negative shit…smdh.

        • Figures… The “Other white meat” can do no wrong. Notice how even when a biracial female does some ratchet shit, she becomes black and black women get blamed – and this happens not just on this board too. #UniversalProblem

        • Am I the only one who finds NBA’s daily warnings to black men patronizing and annoying? Like does he think he is the spokesman for “Hotep Brothas of the World and how to avoid the wrong women?”
          And he isn’t consistent. One one hand he claims to love the sistas, and on the other hand he recently announced his taste for lightskin black women such as Ayesha Curry.
          It’s strange that he is so pro black women and he claims to eschew white women, yet you know damn well that many/most members of #Team lightskin have a butt load of Caucasian DNA, even if both of their parents are black.

          • “Team light skin have a butt load of Caucasian DNA” lol blacks are the blueprint of all races not Caucasian, science have proven this…

  7. See everybody including Kenya came for Phaedra but bitch only a matter o time, for they knock on ur door too hoe. From day 1, fake walter, fake african, fake matt, fake new husband & then u dont wanna even play the game 4 the cameras? Bitch bye, she dont wanna get exposed again, so she pretending she a private bitch….bye felicia.

  8. Kenya…who is still a beautiful woman, made that show much more interesting than it had been before. Ya see, if on any reality show where there are no shenanigans, the livelihood of that show lasting is naught. It is because of all the bs that goes on is why most of us watch. Without it, it would be boring and quickly taken off the air. So let’s not act like this show is dignified, christianly, or even truthful. Phaedra is a prime example. Then there’s Nene with an attitude so unpleasant at times she angers her audience. Marriages fall apart and their whole family gets exposed on some type of level. It’s just a show and like any other show…they will do whatever they have to do to get the ratings they crave. And as for Kenya…Well, she’s just part of the show, she’s not THE SHOW.

    • Kenya is gorgeous and a great asset to that show. BeautI fully chocolate Queen. Love her to pieces.

    • no sorry kenya didnt make the show nene did…that bitch was no where around for the first several seasons,,,,she adds flavor and nice to look at with her nasty attitude but no she cant carry the show by herself thats why you will never see her with her own spin off because she truly a boring person.shes only goood at talking shit

      • retract …I agree the bitch did make the show more interesting….didnt read everything

  9. (Cont.) Even if we watched the show about Jesus…there is still shenanigans going on there, too.

  10. Reality tv shows like Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop are modern day minstrel shows. Black women (And gay black men) if you choose to watch this visual junk, please remember that those tv shows are produced and owned by white men. The white man who is making millions off of these tv shows is Andy Cohen.

    • Oh just shut the fuck up you repetitious asshole. We all KNOW that TV is owned and run by white folks, and that includes BET, so you can stop repeating that 3 times a week mmkay?

      Why don’t you take a week off from your boring lectures and work on your self.

    • These gay white men are making millions off these reality shows…but so what. they didn’t put a gun to non of these black gay male and female bitches…they choose this and broken ppl choose to watch because many steeples are on a low frequency and tune in. At the end money is means nothing if you dont have your health and when one dies you cant take it with you.

  11. Well it’s more important that she’s happy, not an actress. Forget that show!


  13. I agree with NBA in that these shows portray black women in the worst light.

    I love my sisters too much to watch this garbage.

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