Amber Rose & 21 Savage Go Public With Creepy Snapchat Video

amber rose 21 savage dating

Rumors have been floating around about Amber Rose sinking her teeth into rapper 21 Savage. And the couple has finally gone public with their relationship.

In a creepy Snapchat video, the rapper spills his guts and tells Amber how he’s so happy he met her. He also tells her she’s so beautiful even when she wears her “nerd glasses.”

Try to watch this video without cringing.

He’s 24 and she’s 33 BTW.

Issa mess SMH.


  1. Won’t last long hoes like amber don’t settle down she bisexual too wtf was wiz thinking when he married this dyke savage needs to get his rocks off and kick her

  2. Amber is a beautiful woman it’s a shame she acts the way that she does. She’s 33 years old and has a son her time is wining down

    • That bitch was never mother material, putting him in lipstick and wigs, so that child barely has a chance as is.

      • It don’t work that way. My cousin’s father had a football in his hands before he could walk, and tried his best to school him in all the sports and men stuff.
        He still ended up playing with dolls and My Little Pony.

        I bet Sebastian will rebel and be a real macho male because of the wigs and makeup.

        My point is, it’s all a crap shoot. Your kid’s going to do him, and you just hope for the best.

        • It does not help either asshole.

          I don’t give a fuck about your fam…unless you were you up his ass 24/7, you do not know who was around him influencing him.

          • You are a lovely person. I bet the men are falling all over themselves to get your attention,

            • Truth hurtz huh?

              Only lonely, miserable, fat degenerates clap back with weak insults.

  3. Call me crazy… this shit might work. He’s gonna worship her and I think that’s all she really wants. To keep her tho… he’s gonna have to mature quick. Because a trip to Dubai will fuck all of that up. LOL

  4. I truly believe she is a a celebrity escort, she is in a relationship every week with somebody. Its a shame such a pretty girl with low self esteem. These dudes treat her like a public toilet, they take they shit get up and go on their way. No man can take a woman who takes all her clothes off and.pose naked with her twat for the whole world to see, she has no self respect or virtue about herself. I find her to be tasteless and any man who calls her his woman will always have to walk with his head down.

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