Kodak Black Admits He Hates His Complexion

kodak black black skin complexion

An interviewer finally asked rapper Kodak Black to clarify his statements about light and dark skin women.

In the video, Kodak says he doesn’t want to date anyone who has his complexion. He also said light skin women are better because dark skin women are “too tough.”

Peep the self-hate:


  1. Ten black people who need to admit they hate being black:

    1. Tiger Woods

    2. Halle Berry

    3. Taye Diggs

    4. Sage Steele

    5. Charles Barkley

    6. Tamera Mowry

    7. OJ Simpson

    8. Stacey Dash

    9. Kanye West

    10. Serena Williams

      • All that money and they don’t use any of it to educate themself on Europeans and their culture of hate WHICH IS AND WAS EXERCISED ON EACH OTHER WHEN NO PEOPLE OF COLOR WERE AROUND!!!

        When they come to America they were taught that they had to put aside their ethnic hatred, and unite as one to oppress and steal the wealth of blacks, AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON THEY SHOW UNITY, ONLY IN AMERICA.

        Visit their countries. Learn their history of self hatred, AND KNOW THAT THEY ONLY BEGAN CALLING THEMSELF WHITE IN AMERICA.



    • How many of those on the list are HALF neanderthal. Having 50% of this neanderthal DNA means that they are automatically going to hate black people. It should be NO surprise there! Neanderthals were genetically engineered to hunt, sabotage and kill Black people. (this goes back to Ancient Egyptian High Priesthoods that were fighting each other).

      Hope this helps you make sense of why it’s so important to distinguish between a Black person and a fake ass fraud.

      • Still believe in the White mans pseudo science of macro evolution? No Human ‘evolved’ from other homonids as we would have found the thousands of incremental missing links. Darwin’s evolution is Racist bullshit that was used to justify your slavery by saying Whites were the ‘Favoured Race’.

  2. In my opinion, the only type of woman the black man should marry is the black woman.

    • You should marry the person you love. The problem is that people such as those listed about that marry white in most cases if not all cases, are not in love with them. They are in love with idea a white person wants to be with them. And there lies the biggest problem. That person wants to be with the wallet. In the end, they take most of that wallet and then some. Tiger, Charles, Tim Duncan, OJ. Look at Kodak’s twin brother, RG3, did anyone think his white wife was going to stick with him for long.

  3. For all of the black men and black women who hate themselves, please listen to Dr. Umar Johnson’s interview from The Breakfast Club yesterday. It’s one of the best interviews he has ever done. Then all of the black people suffering from depression should watch Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors documentaries (Especially volume 2). Learn about the benefits of melanin.

  4. Quote from Dr. Umar Johnson, “Why would you want your black son to spend the rest of his life with a woman who could never understand how he feels when the New York City Police Department pulls him over.”

    I have more respect for Dr. Umar Johnson than ever before.

  5. Spoken like a young black man who has no clue who he is, where he’s from or how the price of melanin is the most valuable thing on this planet and why it’s the most valuable thing on this planet.

    Here’s hoping some intelligent, knowledgeable black king offers to enlighten him. #WakeDatNiggaUp

    • Knowledge is power and they too dumb to read and comprehend the truth..
      Knowledge is something no one can take away from you.. Self hate is having poor self esteem..

  6. lol light skinned woman are soft? Really, lol.Personally I think no woman is soft. I’m pretty sure Adam thought Eve was soft too?. His skin color is perfectly fine, it’s just a whole lot other stuff going on with him that’s not. How come no cute dark skinned guy ever says this? it’s always the grimlin looking ones, that even if they was light it would not make a bit of a difference. They can have kids with Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or Taylor Swift and kids still gone be ugly. Like why do they keep getting dark skinned and ugly confused? There’s no thing wrong with his color, it’s just his face. Light skin woman are soft, nigga please, I’ll show you some niggaz that crying over us now.GTFOH

  7. And why is that girl standing next to him, like she ain’t dark. She ain’t the blackest but she not light either, just lighter than him. But I don’t understand how she can stand listening to his ignorant azz when he talking about her like that. I would’ve fired all kind of shots back like, nigga don’t get dark and ugly confused, the two are not the same. Cause if he was cute he would love his skin.

  8. And he would not even be ugly if he took them nasty teeth out his mouth, remove them tats and comb his hair. I don’t understand why all these insecure niggaz feel like they got to diss the whole group of black ppl just because they ugly. Being dark ain’t got nothing to do with anything, you just not cute.

    • He’s ugly no matter what he does and those teeth are horrible looking..

  9. Sad. Sad that he vocalizes his self hatred and doesn’t appear to understand why he hates himself. He was taught.

  10. ^^^^ One of the most beautiful women in the world is a black/Japanese model name Ariana Miyamoto. She is only 23 and she is spectacular. If the Japanese men don’t want her, I’ll take her.

    • Oh, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

      You do know the Japanese are even more racist than whites?

    • Keep dreaming NO MODEL will ever be checking for a queen who gossips on blogs!!!

  11. Kodak would be as fine as Denzel with the RIGHT
    teeth fixed
    right wardrobe

    The pain in his eyes will go away with the love of the right black woman. Somebody black hurt him bad and it probably stemmed from a lousy father who left his mother alone to try and do a man’s job. OR it might have come from a black woman suffering PTSD from every black man who wronged her and took it out on him.

    • Don’t blame this behavior on black women.

      You made a good point above about oppression, racism etc. It is this cun-tries (& I meant the misspelling) to perpetrate & maintain self-hate among us. They want to keep us in this mind-fuck they have created, because if we ever fully wake up, they will cease to exist!

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