Tidal Pulls a Bait and Switch w/ 4:44

JAY-Z fans who signed up for Tidal to “exclusively” hear his new album got took….

From Hits Daily Double:

Apparently new Tidal users who don’t have Sprint for mobile access can’t play the new Jay-Z album, 4:44, which is streaming exclusively on the service for its first week.

Subscribers who signed up after June 26th and use other carriers can play any other music on the service, but if they attempt to
stream 4:44 they receive the following message:


  1. So JayZ got tired of waiting for Kanye to pay the loan he owes. That was a private deal but now Kanye is saying Tidal owes him 3 mils. How long until others start jumping off the Tidal smoke and mirrors wave. They can’t do that until their contract is up and you know JayZ stacked up that contract to retain Kanye. Kanye has to find some other method for people to get to his music and get Tidal out of the mix.

  2. The camel and his hump continue to screw black people. Unfortunately too many black people continue to listen to that black man’s bullshit music. Nas already told you the deal about Jay-Z in the song Ether; “You sold your soul for riches.”

  3. Jay-Z, a rich black man who makes deals with the devil in order to exploit and scam poor black people. If you continue to listen to Shawn Carter’s devilish music, I can’t help you.

  4. There are much better things to waste my money on- like LONG TERM INVESTMENTS! Something most negros tend to fuck off…

    • STFU BITCH…do not call anyone negroes you fat, dirty, stank ass bedwench!

      Oh wait no one will have you that is why your bitter ass is here, fucking garbage heap!

  5. What is Tidal? I thought it was the name of a concert. Dang I guess I’m for real old.

  6. I hope Kanye ether jay I totally believe Kanye is the better rapper an more creative Kanye jus got put his feeling aside in jus rap use the microphone for inspiration

  7. Kanye neva really needed Jay-Z in the first place it’s just J never wanted Kanye to be a bigger star then him

    • ^^^ Finally someone is speaking the truth. Too bad Kanye was too stupid to realize Jay-Z’s scam.

    • ..and the KarTrashians? Did Jay introduce them to Ye as well? Kanye made his bed and now he has to sleep in it.

  8. Jay Z is about to become richer than rich. Tidal will be bought by a mega corporate entity, and it will make the Beats headphones sale look like peanuts.

    Jay Z’s name is gold in the business world, and most of you don’t have a clue how he grinds fr his business concerns.

    And that’s why he doesn’t want to pay Kanye. Soon it will be someone else who will have to pay the debt.

    • Gay z is on a short leash…if he refuses to play the game they will sink his ass.

      He ain’t running SHIT! TPTB will cancel his ass with a quick if he dare step out of line and he knows it.

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