Martha Stewart Uses N Word at Dinner Party Taping With Snoop Dogg

When Black is the new POP!

The guests in attendance were reportedly, Lil Yatchty, Laverne Cox and comedian Gary Owen.

According to reports:

It was clear the only prep Martha received about him was that he didn’t drink or smoke, so she talked to him like an innocent child. When it was time to discuss the Teenage Emotions album cover — an artistic exercise in inclusion —
the image was not available. The network hadn’t gotten the image cleared. Taping stopped and the Doggfather stood up, chastising the powers that be for never getting stuff cleared. In a very loud, swear-filled finger wag, Snoop appropriately referred to Yachty’s album cover as “this ni**a’s shit.”

So Martha, sitting at a table with her co-host, Yachty, comedian Gary Owen, and actress Laverne Cox, leaned over — while wearing a sari for their Indian food-themed episode — and, both maternally and ignorantly, said, “Yachty, does it upset you when Snoop says ‘n***a sh*t?’”

Browne describes the reaction in the studio as everything from horrified to glee, while also mentioning that Martha looked around incredulously as if she didn’t grasp the grave error of her ways.

There is no mention of how Snoop, Laverne or Gary reacted, yet.


    • Why?

      We now know these assclowns think once they hang with us they are now “allowed” to use that word. Many blacks are so open and accommodating they forget who the enemy is.

      These MF need to STOP embracing these saltines and start uplifting their own!

  1. She was trying to understand. Im sure martha has to put up with alot of nigga shit dealing with snoop and his entourage + the hood/drill negroes who show up for dinner. This one i wont get mad about, it sound like martha wish snoop didnt refer to yavhts music as ‘this nigga shit’. Sound unprofessional, martha spent more time in the pen than snoop did anyway.



      She would not even be relevant to a younger audience w/o snoop. He needs to walk away and not look back. FUCK that drunk, hoe ass kakkra!

    • This is even more proof that liberal white people are just as racist as conservative white people. On a side note, the Democratic Party helped create the Ku Klux Klan.

      • Oh shut up on the kkk/ liberal shit, back in the day the repubes were more like today’s dems and the dems were like the current repubes which should show people ALL of them fools have pretty much always played for the same team & always will.

        • It’s the nature in people who hate others based on race. Wether they are liberals or conservative, rich or poor is totally irrelevant. These people exists in all parts of society, including the black community which is afflicted with self hate and hate for other blacks. You can’t neatly rap it up in political groupings. It’s a mix of everything. Who are the people who identify with things like a marriage is between a man and woman, abortion as a no no, marriage before having kids, a man in the household, etc. These all used to be values in the black community but no more. Why is that.

      • @ NBA very true, Liberal whites are even more so dangerous because they lull the sleeping kneegro mind back to sleep thinking that “some of them are good”. It’s a tool to confuse people. They are all one and the same, even if they do help – they are supposed to help. Hell, they cause the infarction by bringing us here. The least they can do is help.

        • What the fuck is with you tools calling people all types of n words…if you are calling someone else that put your own coon ass in there too, because you are no better.

          • You all hella confused, ass clown. Oh shut the fuck up. N words were used no where in my comment. Negro was the designation for my people to delineate between the Africans who worked hand in hand with neanderthals and the VICTIMS of the slave trade. So miss me with your ignorance. Get a grip and get off the alcohol. Ya chemical imbalance got you on here looking ill. Pick up a Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary and read the section on Ham (Africans) and get back to me, when you’ve got some inner-standing. Your handlers ALREADY knew! The only think I’ll give you is that I could have referenced my people as “Jake”… But that is too far out for your understanding as per your comment.

          • @18:23 You idiot, where do you think the word “Coon” came from? Oh it just fell out of the sky, right? dumb ass broad… lol

            • You Shut Up Bitch. Yes I called YOU a Coon not an entire group of people, because who the fuck are YOU to call a group of people any n word just because you have a stick up your ass.

              You can go all the way to hell with your rant because no one got time to read that bullshit, fucking ignorant slore ass skank!

      • The democrat party and liberals embrace Planned Parenthood. Love them to death. Hollywood pours money to them. Their function is to take out as many black babies as possible. Planned Parenthood also have their defenders in the black community. Unfortunately they don’t see the full picture. It’s too bad blacks will vote for these people no matter what. A third party is needed for the disenfranchised and better black leaders that do not include the usual suspects.

  2. Martha Stewart says the N word and the media is not reporting it. Bill Maher said the N word and keeps his job. Isaiah Washington says the word faggot and he gets black balled from hollywood. We as black people have got to stop spending our hard earned money on hollywood.

    • I actually agree with you. Hollywood liberals are some of the most racist people in this world. #Fact. They hide behind the facade of equality and diversity while claiming to be the good guys. They are liars. They want blacks to be the way they want them to be. Believe me, they use the N word and even the F word behind the scenes. They use the C word for women, no one is safe except themselves. Maher will keep his job and Martha is what she is. These guys are the 1% all the way.

    • NBA Bill Maher kept his job because his show is on HBO. They do not rely on sponsors for revenue. If subscribers to HBO had dropped their subscriptions in any large number, he would have been fired. They did not, and he was not.

      Washington as you know was on a network show which depends on sponsors to pay the bills. That is the difference.

  3. List of racist white liberals:

    1. Tim Wise

    2. Bill Maher

    3. Bill Clinton

    4. Hillary Clinton

    5. Lisa Lampanelli

    6. Sarah Silverman

    7. Bill De Blasio

    8. Rahm Emanuel

    9. Joe Biden

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