UPDATED: Tristan Thompson Caught Cheating on Khloe With Black Woman!

tristan cheating khloe

It looks like Tristan Thompson is done playing house with Khloe and has “returned home” after getting caught cheating with a beautiful black woman.

The incident happened at PH-D Lounge in Manhattan on Saturday night. Tristan, who was wearing a hood inside the club, can be seen leaning into the woman who begins to kiss him under the shield of his sweatshirt.

tristan cheating khloe 2

tristan cheating khloe 3

Khloe can’t be too surprised, right? Didn’t he do the same thing to his ex Jordy when she was pregnant with their son?

You can watch the video of him kissing the unidentified woman here.

UPDATE: The Shade Room has videos and photos of Tristan and his new boo entering and leaving a hotel together. Click the arrows on both posts to see all of the evidence.




    • Not all of them…just the ones with bad character. Don’t paint with a broad brush.

  1. I think he’s a fine glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! I can drink him up.

  2. He damn sure is one fine looking brother. Howev’s he’s not her husband, which makes him up for grabs. She participated in the fuckery when his prev BM was preggers. Full circle, Shrek!

  3. Wow that’s a shocker Not ! how you get them is well I am pretty sure you know the rest .

  4. I would tell this guy to run as fast as he can from them but it’s to late he already got her pregnant.

      • Also, he better watch it…he ain’t Lebron. One pulled Achilles heel and no team will pick him up. He’s just a typical black man that used his sports talent to get out the ghetto. Once that’s gone…no Plan B. Khloe will have to support him. smdh

  5. Maybe it’s karma. Remember Khloe cheated with Tristan when he was still in a relationship with pregnant Jordan Craig(baby mama).

  6. They was set up on a blind date. How is someone to know they have a girlfriend or boyfriend when they don’t know that person.

  7. Oh please, he wanted out and didn’t have the balls to tell her. So suddenly the tape comes out. He did this. He’s a coward and looking for dumb baby mama#3

  8. I guess Kris couldn’t get her claws on this quick enough before it leaked.

    Tristan said his contract is UP with the Khlogre and b-txhes better pay him his money!!

    Kris will put out damage PR for Kilgore shortly with some made up story.

    Bottom line: this was a CONTRACT.

    Thanks Tristan for being the same clown we knew you already were.

  9. I have 0% sympathy for the Lardtrashians. Khloe dumb ass knew the nigga was no good but I guess she thought because she’s white she could change him ?

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