Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Side Piece Revealed – She Looks Just Like Jordy!

lani blair

The woman Tristan Thompson was caught creeping with has been identified as an Instagram model named Lani Blair.

She looks a lot like his ex-girlfriend and first baby mama, Jordan Craig (Jordy C), doesn’t she? And look who she’s cool with…

lani blair tristan thompson

That’s T.I.’s alleged former side piece, Bernice Burgos.



  1. She is pretty but he better hope that’s not a man wait what am I saying he probably don’t care either if it is one hell khole is one plastic surgery away from being a damn man her self.

  2. She is really pretty probably carribean…but dude needs to really rethink life like whats the prospect of your children under these bad circumstances….smdh

  3. Shame such a pretty girl wasting her looks on being a hoe. She could be a real model not a damn instragram thot or at least get with a ball player or a doctor. Crazy to think that there was a time when being a hoe was disgraceful now being a hoe gets you record deals and shit smfh

  4. I guest they enjoy creeping around cuz if they weren’t hoeing themselves out, they could get their own rich man that actually claims them. It’s funny to see how both girls are into the same thing.

    • It could be her personality. No matter how good someone looks if the personality is bad it ruins everything

  5. Sooooooo…nobody’s blaming Tristan for this predicament. It’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault??? It’s supply and demand. If he wasn’t spewing out shallowness and superficiality, he wouldn’t be meeting fake superficial bytches. Simple as that. Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are.

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