Tristan Thompson Exposed: Gettin’ Freaky With 2 Women

tristan thompson cheating video

Tristan Thompson is having the worst week EVER. After being exposed for cheating on Khloe with a woman many presume to be Instagram model Lani Blair, another video of Tristan getting freaky with 2 girls has been released.

In the footage, you can see Tristan tonguing one girl down, rub his face in another girl’s breasts, and grabbing his dang-a-lang on a surveillance video recorded in October 7, 2017 at a DC hookah lounge.


  1. GO Tristan GO Tristan GO! Head back to your original baby moms now. Oh wait! lol.

    Those Kardashian Wiccans are getting what they deserve. Now if we could just get Kanye released from under their spell.

  2. Any one his age and single has the right to do whatever the fuck they want.

    But his ass better start wrapping it up, before his dick falls off.

    • That’s the part that hurts the most “thought she was the special one”.

  3. Men can be straight dogs! Tristan is dead wrong cuz he portrayed himself to be so in love with Khole and he was totally putting on. I said this in a previous post, that he was just using Khole for fame. I don’t like any of the Kardashian’s I think they’re all trash that got rich and famous from being hoes. But wrong is wrong!

    • The only one I feel bad for is the bm he left for khloe. This is Khloe’s karma.

  4. He gon have them hoes killing chickens & goats over his ass. Them hoes into witchcraft bad enough he already got one of them pregnant Satan herself Kris jenner wont be happy with this one. Nigguhs thristy for that illuminati fame, but ur arms to short to box with satan. Good luck to you.

  5. He’s so stupid. Those girls looking right in the camera, setting him up. Wow Pu$$y is really powerful.

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