WTF?! Tiffany Haddish Lied About Beyonce Bite Story

tiffany haddish beyonce bite

Y’all, Tiffany Haddish is canceled. She’s outchea about to get Sanaa Lathan’s bald head scalped after everyone thought the actress was the mysterious female who was strung out on drugs and bit Beyonce at an industry event.

Come to find out, Tiffany LIED about the whole story, according to Richard Lawson a.k.a. Bey’s step-daddy, a.ka. Miss Tina’s main squeeze.

He told People magazine:

“Listen, drop it, that’s my suggestion. Drop it, it’s just a bunch of crap. I think Tiffany just took advantage of a moment [and] tried to move the needle for her own thing. It’s a bunch of crap. There’s nothing to it,” – Richard Lawson

But Richard wasn’t done there. He also told ABC News:

“It was something that was blown out of proportion and Tiffany just got a ride from doing it…And so her numbers probably jumped up, other people jumped on the bandwagon and it’s all a bunch of B.S. It’s not real… It’s not true.” – Richard Lawson

Oh no, Tiff, what is you doin’?!


  1. Of course he is going to say that.

    People at those parties sign NDAs, meaning they are not supposed to talk about what happens.

    Not a stan of any of these people and haddish seems like a thirsty, shit starter who can’t hold water, so anyone with secrets should just walk away when they see her.

    But at the end of the day who really gives a fuck?

  2. It happened period. Tiffany was not supposed to talk about it. She thought she was being funny releasing that information. Also the woman who did the biting has big people behind her who told the Carters to squash that story themselves. Tiffany will be brought in line soon enough. Wait for her to come out to say she made it up or misunderstood the situation.

  3. Its crazy how black women WORSHIP Beyonce so much their willing to destroy another sistas life over her look a Keri Hilson…is it because shes light skin or creole and closest to white….it has to be. Growing up I always thought Kelly was more attractive and down to earth but people thought I was crazy smdh

    • Dude like stop it! The people who like Beyonce the Witch are individuals, stop grouping all Black women the same. You don’t like it when people on here judge you for being from an Afrikkkan country. One last thing, it’s “they’re” and not “their”, stop stereotyping an entire group of women, it’s far more insulting when we get it from our own.

        • LMFAOOOOO. WORD! This dude is ALWAYS downing black women. He even suggested that black women should stay hit because if they attack what’s attacking them, that means they like to kill black men and won’t do nothing to whitey. Somebody done gave him that Wooooeeeee weed.

        • You American black s say stupid thingsevery time you lot out your mouths .You lot say things and you lot are funny . You lot are very rude and anger oppressed people.As a national u lot are anger people .Anger is a manifestation of deeper issue and that for my is based on insecurity and low self esteem.and lot have way to many issue .you lothave no love as a people for.anyone I pite you lot . Unhappy sad lot .God can Help you miserable.people.stop hating your self start loving

          • This coming from a MF who can’t even form a sentence.

            STFU, You Stupid Ass Bitch!

  4. Not too long ago, a blind Item from another website, said Tiffany’s story is true.

  5. People are way too sensitive. What is this world coming too. If she did do it, who cares….it ain’t that deep.

  6. Sasha bit beyonce Sasha is the only female who can even get close to Beyonce to bite her

  7. It was probably a publicity stunt. Tiffany is not funny but pathetic. She spoke about her mom be mentally ill and is in a mental institution. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree Tiffany.

  8. Why dont tiffany talk about the dick she was suckin on to get put on…..ask Byron Allen

    • Good one…the word is he had to suck a few too…I heard Sammy Davis, but who knows.

    • Because they are so quick to tell other people business and not their own. Not that I am pretty sure she will not be talking about she had to sleep with men and women to get to where she is at and going don’t believe me ask queen L.

  9. Bitches like Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are not talented. They were willing to play the negative black female stereotypes and the white owned hollywood machine made them famous. In a few years these tricks will be replaced by younger tricks willing and ready to sell their souls and their assholes. Speaking of dumb tricks, has anybody seen Lil Kim and Foxy Brown?

  10. She didn’t lie. B***h couldn’t keep her dam mouth shut.
    This b***h was produced to replace Monique.

  11. Funny how the biting incident was focused on more than the fact they both said Sanaa was high AF on drugs lol….she’s a Coke head but that part is cool cause everyone is on dugs in Hollyweird ?????….just like I planned…sell your soul and all bets are off…..SMFH!

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