T.I. Wants Beef With Gucci Mane: Who’s the Trap King?

ti gucci

One thing we know about T.I., he doesn’t play when it comes to discussing trap music, and he demands his respect as the KING of the genre.

So we knew s**t was about to pop off when Gucci Mane got bold and posted this picture with the caption, “#FBF The Day I Invented Trap Music.”


And TIP got triggered and posted this pic with the caption, “Ok,so…. AGAIN for the slow ones in the back… August 19th,2003 Birth of Trap Muzik & Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus a*S… “Look what I discovered,even though they was already here ass shit!!!!” WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN A*S”


Will Gucci (or his clone, or Keyshia Kaoir) clap back?


  1. Aww it looks like he is blowing ti a kiss in that picture . Nothing to see here they are just give out the message to each other that they want to ####.

    • Really sad man… I am telling you if black men would just stop allowing their arrogance to stand in the way we would be a very formidable group…

      just imagine if brothas signed a pact to stop killing each other….stop selling drugs to our own people…stop allowing black women to control us…and start have a deep reverence for each other…

        • And you still a fucking clown. Quick to drag a black woman but forgot that a black woman gave birth to your bitch ass, that’s if you are black.

          • Hmm…so if a black woman birth me that negates me from speaking on the stupidity of black women smdh

            • Dude you only want men around, because you are now a Fag,…Glad you are coming out of the closet with it.

            • “have you realize that black males in all male private schools are really successful…why because black bitches arent there to stir up shit”

              If this is your way of coming out the closet, good for you. Nobody gives a fuck about you and your homo erotica stories.

          • He is an african POS who hates his mother, he lashes out because he claims he was physically and sexually abused. Instead of getting help he harbors hate.

            So talking about her does not faze him…Sickly I think he likes people talking shit about her, it all just validates how much of a mistake he is.

            • Oh ok, thanks for the backstory. I knew he had mentioned that he was from an African country, but I didn’t know the back story. I get it now poor thing, but when some people hate their lives as much as he does they just take dirt naps. @Blackman have you thought about that option?

            • ^^You only want men around, because you are now a Fag,…Glad you are coming out of the closet with it.

    • Where the fuk did you get that the person who wrote the comment was a black woman. I swear some mofos just look for the opportunity to talk about a black woman. Stop talking out of your ass you can like tf you want to like but don’t come at black women with your deep rooted issues, one must have denied your weak ass @Blackman

  2. These guys keep inventing beefs for publicity. Like two high school girls cat fighting.

  3. What they beefing about who been to prison more or who phukked more gay dudes while in prison

  4. Beefing about a style neither one started before then it was lil Jon, Luke. Dj magic Mike, and 36 mafia in the 90 s who pioneered what they doing

    Can’t forget no limit, cash money, ludacristhis can be debated

    Oh yeah sir mix a lot, and too short

      • Listen to his life is too short album the bass drum machine patterns plus he embraced the southern styles and gave lil Jon his break also too short and others I listed helped pioneer trap music I forgot outkast, and Ying Yang, bonecrusher helped pioneer trap music too

        Trap to me was just another name for gay gster rap since they all talked about drugs, sex, and women

  5. Tip is a fake wanna be thug. He’s not about that life. He’s a snitch and has sacrificed many of his people. Gucci Mane on the other hand has lived it.

  6. Who gives 2 f**is and a d**k? Can somebody tell me so I can put them out of their misery……

  7. Ghetto Mafia was the first ATL niggaz talkin about trappin shit came out in the 90’s, TI and Gucci both know this shit trying to rewrite history.

    On Da Grind-https://youtu.be/nuYSteLH104

    In Decatur-https://youtu.be/DaIEwLLBiCE

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