Marlon Wayans Shades Kim Zolciak, Kroy Swoops in With His Cape!

marlon wayans kim zolciak kroy biermann

Marlon Wayans took to his Instagram to shade Kim Zolciak’s face and her Uber driver/husband Kroy Biermann came to her defense.

Do you think Marlon was out of line?


  1. Kim is ugly, she’s always been ugly; even before her surgeries. She used to look like the Jack from the Jack in a Box.

  2. Wayans family talks about every damn body. If not clowned outright, then in some kind of parody. I’m the past 30 years (going back to when Keenan wrote Eddie Murphy ‘s standup), the only people the Wayans didn’t come for were humanitarians and little kids. That family needs to get over it and be happy somebody still cares since they don’t do anything.

    • I watched Marlon Wayan’s standup last night on Netflix and didn’t laugh once. Never cared for DeRay Davis, but his standup on Netflix was funnier. Even white boy Gary Owen is funnier than Marlon.

  3. Well Kim if you can dish it you should be able to take it you talk a whole lot of crap so don’t be offended when people come for you and as for Marlon wayans daughter she doesn’t have to worry about someone saying anything about her looks because she is a very beautiful young lady.

  4. How is Marlon out of line? He is a comedian it’s what they do and he was very light on her compared to the stuff that she be saying about other people.

    • You ain’t never lied with her jealous ass. She always got something slick to say about someone’s home. She tried it with Kandi. I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought those bugs to Nene’s home, to purposely try and shame her, out of jealousy. NOTICE, they haven’t showed her in her own home, BYTCH is ashamed.

  5. I mean Kim really does look like the character Marlon played in the movie White Chicks. when you are on reality tv, folks are going to come for you. Marlon was not out of line we all know he is special. Marlon didn’t talk about anyone’s child only the mother who has had several surgeries and the lip injections show that. Learn to laugh at yourself!

    • Kim is mad because she does look like that character. Ugly, weird, strange, everything except pretty. She’s spent thousand fixing her looks and ruining herself in the process. That character opened her eyes and she hates what she sees.

  6. Her lips are out of control, she needed to be clowned.

    Maybe she will think twice before her next surgery.

  7. The NOT Talented Not funny Wayans achieved nothing. That’s why Jamie and the rest careers blossomed while all if their,s stalled

    • Marlon haves a tv show Damien has a tv show Keenan retire Kim writes books Shawn is living a so call retire life because he can he has the wayans bothers tv shows checks still coming in that’s from writing and also producing so I think they are still doing pretty darn well for themselves and they made a name by themselves their good .

  8. Casting call for White Chicks 2:

    Kim Zolciak
    Iggy Azalea

    Marlon Wayans is telling the truth. That’s what’s so FUNNY! Now Kim wanna cry in the car about getting clowned when she and her daughter were busy clowing dirty on social media.

  9. instead of getting offended they should be happy someone is keepin it 100 and telling her about it. She was beautiful without the plastic surgery, especially those lips. Now she just messing herself up.

  10. LMAO oooh omg lol he never lied on kim that picture could be the trailer for white chicks 3. but im dyin cause kims like “oh i loved you, my kids loved you, blah,blah…i guess its all for laughs?? YES BISCH all for the laughs hoe cuz im dyinnn right now lol

  11. Kim is a racist and so is her nasty family. She needs a reality check(not for a show). Ms. Andy needs to let this heffa go.

  12. This ugly, white beast tried her best to mimick a set of black lips, but failed miserably, smh…Somebody needs to pop a pin in them infectious, puss filled ballons ???

  13. Of course Bride of Chucky with its equally botched nose like a great white shark’s was a ‘super big fan’. She loved that ‘White Chicks’ look soooo much she went to her surgeon & DEMANDED EXACTLY THE SAME!!

  14. Cory is a glorified uber driver. He has no life now. When your wife is out you should stay home with your kids .

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