Tokyo Toni to Blac Chyna: I Would Trade You for My Dead Mama

tokyo toni blac chyna dead mom

Yoooo, WTF is going on with Tokyo Toni?! She’s been acting a bit cray during the last few weeks, but her latest meltdown takes the cake.

In the audio, Tokyo can be heard saying she wouldn’t hesitate to trade in her own daughter, Blac Chyna, for her deceased mother!


  1. They probably had some words and since neither one of them drops down on this planet that often, hard to tell what’s going on. It’s something else when Hollywood’s behaviors are normalized. That’s why the participants can’t leave because they can’t function in real life, especially without the money.

  2. These two photos make me say that if they removed their hair hats then maybe their brains would function on a higher level!

  3. Lol ⬆Their hair looks really bad. I miss the 90’s ladies who used to rock their own hair, short and fierce! These two make us look tragic.

    • Ok I saw that samedark crystal referenceon Instagram this week under Kim s Easter photo. Somebody said she looked like Jen…LMAO

  4. Drug addiction would be tragic if it was deliberately choosing to be displayed in the public eye by choice –

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