Tokyo Toni Pretends to Chat With Kris Jenner in Series of Bizarre Videos

tokyo toni kris jenner phone calls videos

It looks like Tokyo Toni is losing her mind. Blac Chyna’s mama has filmed a series of videos, pretending to be chatting with Kris Jenner about the latest gossip.


  1. She is a sick bitch! No wonder Blac Chyna has no hope, she didn’t have a fair chance!

  2. Does she get money/kickbacks every time someone views it because of whose in it with her. Does everybody including wire services, news media, social media, etc.

  3. She act like she used to eat Kris pussy

    I mean damn first kanye wanna be a color kid now this freak all on kris plastic nuts

    Next shell make a twerk video.for Kris

  4. Cuz they both raised a buncha hoes that get pissed on & cumshots 2 the face for fame, boob job, butt job, lipo, bbl, nose job, eye lift, brow lift, fat reducation, lips, hairline, so really Kris evil ass is her idol and mentor.

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