Amber Rose Defends Blac Chyna’s D**k Sucking Skills


    amber rose blac chyna sex tape

    After the internet tried to drag Blac Chyna for her lame d- sucking skills in her leaked sex tape video, Amber Rose is coming to her bestie’s defense:


    1. I would slap the Fuck out of this Ratchet Ass Bitch, if I were BC.

      But that Bitch is so Stupid she is prob taking what this Skank is saying as a compliment. These Bitches plummet the stock of pussy with ever step they take….smfh.

    2. This is entertaining?????BigBoi!..Its been a few yrs now since i stop drinking/smoking,watching cable tv ..etc and its got me cranky&boring but my head is clear….(cat williams voice) but this ri here?

    3. Amber is one low down dirty bitch. They shoulda left her azz on the street. Some street hoes don’t deserve to be elevated to call girl.

    4. Can you go back to discussing real celebrities instead of thirsty groupies abs industry wh#res? Seriously they’re past thirsty. They’re officially dehydrated…Pathetic..

    5. Sure she can speak on BC’s behalf. After all bird of a feather flock together…meaning this is prob what these two have in common to have become such good friends. A hoe’s best friend will likely be another hoe, just like herself. Besides, this is something I can see. What I can’t imagine is these two bonding over any pertinent intellectual subject matters. They are the ‘Drop down and get your Eagle on’, duo. Nothing more or less.


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