Paris Jackson Comes Out the Closet?

paris jackson cara delevingne lesbians

It looks like Paris Jackson is off the market and she has recently been spending a lot of time with supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Paris has posted numerous photos of Cara on her Instagram, after meeting at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Cara has also been linked to Rihanna.

Do these two make a cute couple or nah?


  1. I don’t know what it is about that Cara girl, but I know Rihanna and Michelle Rodriguez were fighting over her a while back. Now, Paris.

    • Cara is a notorious drug dealer. All of these girls have had or have drug issues.
      I think she supplies the drugs and the rest just follows because they’ve all are alleged no or homosexuals.

      • Snapple facts LMAO SMH cara is also linked to red shield. May be trying to get the rest of mj money??

  2. They both look like they don’t like to shower. Michael probably rolling in his grave right now.

  3. Paris raised by psycho closet pedophile dad who looked like a alien albino tranny Mike took too many trips to Neverland and died thanks to Conrad Murray then she stayed with me crazy family where she was raped and molested by her family since she tried to slit her wrist

    All those Jackson kids get touched under Katherine’s watch

    Guess they gonna molest Janet’s son when he get older

    You know they raped blanket by now

    • I hate Paris, lil spoiled bitch! What talent does she have? Yeah, I believe Blanket/Bigi was raped. There’s a video of his cousin Royalty about to do it.

    • Janets son Is already apart of Thursday ? man love by default. But I’m sure she knows that….smh

  4. two nasty bitches. Cara must be the rubber di1d0 QUEEN because these hoes cant get enough. I hope mike jackson ass burning for this. these biches living the high life off black ppl money. this is why we dont have any real wealth because we too busy giving all our shit away to meth-heron biches sickening

  5. I am really getting sick and tired of all of these celebrities kids being gay are bisexual do any of them have a child that is straight if they are not gay are bisexual they are in the process of becoming a transgender this is a sick pattern of them that they are doing.

    • And you let them tell you who to vote for. If you voted for Obama you have yourself to blame for this gay mess

  6. I said it before and i will say it again, that chick is WHITE! Paris is not MJ’s biological daughter.

    • Mike lived in s fantasy world hr thoughy he was Peter pan and he thought sleeping with kids was ok

      Hollywood has a history of rape, drugs, and pedophilia seems like the so called rich blacks are the scapegoats like cosby

      • Cospig is no fucking scapegoat, he is getting what he deserves.

        And I don’t give a fuck if he is the only one being charged all these bastards will get theirs and all the fuckers who are looking the other way will too.

        • You really believe all of those women? Most of them were caught in their lies and others were exposed as mistresses.

          • I believe what that MF said in his deposition…why don’t you check that shit out dumbass.

            • He said he partied with thots and brought them home. He said he had the liquor, drugs, and snacks that they wanted; whatever was trendy at the time.

              What’s the problem?

            • ^^^^That is not the problem Dipshit…they knew who he was fucking you retard. He has been doing it for decades.

              He is a fucking rapist, period.

  7. Off topic: Mainstream media are not covering the tragic and racist incident in which the Sacramento police shot and killed a unarmed black man who was in his own backyard; why?

  8. All these people are connected. Beyonce is queen Elisabeth ll cousin. Guy Ritchie and Madonna are 8th cousins to kate Middleton. Coincidence? I think not…smh

  9. Mikes estate is owned and controlled by whites

    They control his music while Mike thought he achieved something by owning the beatles catalogs and he thought he was in heaven by marrying God’s daughter Lisa Marie

    Blacks are so delusional amd caught up in white man’s games they let money blind.them into thinking they got a pass and ain’t black anymore

    Why did bill and Mike get arrested simple they black and that’s the only reason whites need to lock them up

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