Amber Rose Slams Trolls Who Call Her Son Gay

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Amber Rose went off on all the trolls who called her son, Sebastian, gay for being a fan of Taylor Swift.

In case you forgot, Taylor found out Bash was a huge fan of hers, so she sent him some merchandise and free tickets to her concert.

After receiving backlash for her son’s choice in music, Amber had this to say:

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  1. Maybe if you will stop grooming him to be like that and keep him off social media maybe people would stop .

  2. Bitch bye. What type of mother takes their son to get his nails done. He was like 3 years old when she did that and I’m pretty damn sure he didn’t say mom take me to get my nails done. She’s turning him gay and where tf is wiz Khalifa?. And as far as money this bitch act like she’s Beyonce or someone successful who gained money. Anyone can fuck their way to the top.

  3. Kanye, why did you gas this thot up?

    Notice how she came for women and not men.

    Look, she is basically emasculating her son. Forget this hippy nonsense. Her son spends too much time with her and females.

    He needs to be around other males and decide who he is on his own.

    She put lipstick and a wig on him. Lipstick and a wig. How much alcohol does it take for someone to think that’s a good idea?

    Sit down b****.

  4. I agree with her statements however she’s grooming her own child to question his sexuality at some point in his life. The music is not the issue but the hair dying and nail polishing is absolutely absurd. As a young girl I wasn’t allowed to wear red nail polish or a high ponytail bc it was considered too grown. I don’t play that shit bringing my son to the nail or hair salon… I either get a sitter or do it myself. A parent has to set standards in order for morals to stick.

    • Back in the day my mom told me never to wear red nail polish. I still don’t. I don’t even get red designs on my nails…smh

  5. Also, if you’re going to dye your kid’s hair, at least pick a color that suits his damn complexion, shiiiit. Don’t just dump the leftovers from your store bought box of expired permanent hair color. Looking like her chinky eyed bodyguard. Pisses me off.

  6. Liking anybody music don’t you gay but cross dressing your kid does

    I heard everybody growing up skin color, genre, or srxual.oriebtation and yes I like Copa cabana, and do.tou really wanna hurt me I prefer women

    My favorite song by prince is head
    I used to live nwa, geto.boys, spice 1 and MC eiht but I’m not gang related or never shot nobody

  7. The fact that she did not see this coming is amazing. The fact that she seems like she’s preparing for him to be gay is not surprising coming from her.

  8. She is stunting his mental growth……..does he own a football or a toy car? But I bet he’ll give OPI a run for their money………GTHOH……..STOP WITH THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What parent would allow a child under the age of 10 to dye there hair? Amber Rose is really lost.

  10. She is de-masculinizing this poor child. He is doing things that identify as female. She is all for that. You have to remember the mother has no boundaries and anything goes. When this child comes to her saying he wants to be princess Elsa, she will buy him a blue dress and let his hair grow or add extensions. Look what Charlize Theron done to that black boy she adopted. He was wearing a dress, lady shoes, socks, hair done like a girl. She has made him a girl because that’s what the boy wanted. That child has no black or male influences in his life. He will grow to be a freak because mama thought it was OK. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out these children already.

    • These people are sickening.

      It’s nothing but their own racism they’re acting out on an adopted child. They can’t deal with the strength and greatness of black men. They’re just reminded of how fem and lame and small white men are, so they want to turn bm into gays and women.

      Someone should report Theron to child services. It’s abuse.

  11. Who cares what this HOE BAG SAYS the TRUTH hurts.She raising lil DUDE to play for the other team. In my opinion lil DUDE don’t look nothing like WIZ just my opinion.

  12. Yo I love Taylor Swift but I also love pussy. Bottom line is… it’s easily possible.

    • Shiiiit…of course you can say that shit anon-style on a random blog, but I bet your ass would not post that I love ts shit on anything with your real name and face on it.

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