Bobby Valentino Under Investigation for Rape

bobby valentino rape

Another year, another Bobby Valentino scandal! This time, the singer is under investigation for a rape that allegedly occurred on March 19 in Cobb County, GA.

The details of the investigation are being kept sealed, but the singer’s rep said the legal action is a “weak yet calculated attempt to obtain financial gain through ulterior motives in the matter.”

“Bobby takes any allegation against women very seriously. However, false allegations damage true victims of sexual abuse.”


  1. O please, David Copperfield’s management tried to throw a rape story out there to divert from the long lingering GAY rumors about him. NOW, they want us to believe TRANNY chaser Valantino raped a bio woman.

  2. Did they change the law in Cobb County? I didn’t know tickling was against the law but if the person says they got rape……..I’ll roll with that.

    • I don’t know what he did/not do, but if someone does NOT want you to touch them DON’T fucking touch them…so yes any form of unwanted touch can be classified as sexual assault.

      Just like spitting on someone is considered physical assault.

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