Cardi B Debuts Her Baby Bump on ‘SNL’

cardi b pregnant snl

Cardi B showed up to Saturday Night Live with a gut full of baby to finally put the pregnancy rumors to rest.

She then took to her Twitter to let the world know she won’t let her baby hinder her career.

cardi b pregnant



  1. Pregnancy and babies are the new celebrity accessory. Her dress was tragic imo. Her performance just as tragic and did anyone notice at the end where the crew gives out hugs, hardly any were given to Miss B. She stood around unnoticed. It was interesting.

    • Don’t care what nobody say SNL been doing that racist shit to every person of color on that show.

  2. illiterate and not comprehensive. he has 4 children already and now your just another number in the stats of unwed mothers. ladies, gentlemen THINK before you hook your trailer up to another…#tragic

    • sadly that is true…by looking at the poverty rate, drug abuse and crime rate of unwed black and latino mothers just imagine the prospect of the child…I always thought that hispanic families were less tolerant with their kids marrying or having kids by blacks…

        • Always a coon worrying about white people. Their poverty rate is lower per capita than black (Americans)! Abortion rate 5 times lower, Mothers death in childbirth is lower, infant mortality lower, under weight births lower, still births lower but you think you got something to celebrate? You are happy that YOU are a bit better than white trash, pathetic.
          Meanwhile Nigerian immigrants average household income is higher than whites.

          • @anon 13:08 lmao. But yeh nigerians are really intelligent people…the strange thing is that if you are a child of african immigrants and you use excuses like white supremacy for your failures your parents will disown you. Our parents never work hard for you to blame another man for your shortcomings.

          • The coon is you for acting like that shit does not exist and why there are disparities.

            Go look that word up, I know your Stupid Ass is perplexed by it…LOL!!!

      • Are you really a black man?! Because the way you mince words, it’s really sad…

        • I guess you are use to black men just sounding like runaway slaves…whe upu hear a black man speak facts it hurts your sense of security

          • Stop trying to act like you make any sense, all you sound like is the buffoon clown you are.

            Hurt people try to hurt people. In this case you fail because we ALL can see right through you.

            Answer me this, does your ass still bleed from your rape?

            It must since you cannot move on with your life in a normal, healthy way.

            • Like why are you so fixated with rape like its funny. You know how many young black children were molested during slavery, after slavery and today. Do you know how much young black men and women are raped by their mothers thuggish boyfriend. Why dont you question the anal bleeding and trauma from the sisters who the massa was penetrating and abusing. smdh


          • Why are you not facing being raped?

            Your mental defects from it are relevant & evident.

        • BS, that Bitch has no real money.

          She will be lucky if she is not back on the pole in the next few years.

          • Nah, they’re not going backwards. The child will be okay. Cardi comes from the belly of the beast. She’s not going back. She knows all the danger roads and she’ll make sure her daughter/son does not have the childhood that she had. She never denies her past, it made her stronger. Facts.

            • That Bitch worships the Beast and that is the only reason she has her current 15 seconds.

              She has NO talent, she does not write her own raps…no REAL rapper survives on being non-authentic.

              We will not know who this Bitch is an a couple of years…thank God.

              • Lmaoooo. That may be so, but she’s not going back to the projects. I’m from the Bronx, I know she don’t want to come back to this. In any event, I wish her well and I hope her and Offset both win.

              • And not for nothing, there’s a laundy list of new rappers that are millionaires and they are not authentic. We can thank this new millennium generation for that. Nice talking to you Anon, I enjoyed our convo.

            • It is so and she has an entire life to live where she will NOT be young forever and be able to sell pussy so anything is possible.

              Again those people are NOT worth shit, you obviously know nothing about the industry.

              TLC was the highest selling female group and weren’t pulling in a dime, same with toni braxton which is why she is with a child molester now.

              So your shero’s fake fortune is not set in stone more like silly putty.

              • On the contrary, I know a LOT about the industry. I think you just don’t like Cardi B, so whatever is said in favor of her, you’ll disagree with. If she falls into the cracks that’s her fault…but what’s wrong with wishing her well? I don’t understand. Real talk.

            • Why would I wish evil well?

              Makes no sense to promote or celebrate garbage people and music.

              • LOL. I wouldn’t say that. Maybe we just have two different perspectives. And that’s okay. I wish you well Anon.

    • This is true… I hope they really get married and break the cycle though. But I notice he been awol for a minute, wonder if he wanted her to have it.

  3. Cardi B is cute, I like her personality, the lyrics to the song is awesome. Buttttttt she is not talented at all when it comes to rapping, she sound like Jausline, wtf… All that money they spend making these people famous why don’t they train them how to do there craft?

    • You can’t teach talent and she did not write that rap.

      She does not have a decent personality and stop with the BS you were clowning her tough on the post about the crips…you must have selective memory or are just plain crazy.

      • No I just don’t hold grudges. I feel the same way I feel about her trying to gang bang but That don’t make her ugly and I don’t think she talented. I still fell she gone get touched if she walk out here without her 100 security guards like she been doing. I’m no gang banger, but I do know they don’t let stuff like that slide easily. That’s what biggie thought, I thought they was over it and was listening to biggie new album, than all of a sudden….it took them a year but the shyt caught up to him.

        There are some females out here that are way more stupid then these niggaz. Watch this video, there is many more of these, the rest just not dumb enough to do it on camera. She got 8 years for this and only end up serving 6 months. That’s normal for Cali, kill or try to kill another gangbanger they get 5-10 years, then get out in 6 months for good behavior, cause the prisons to full. Although they on YouTube, they are dead serious. So if you think Cardi can just walk out here. You better think again. Like nipsey said she is a cell soilder. Talking a lot of mess and hiding behind security.

        But these girls, will pull right up on you with no secirity and one got a daddy who is famous, so she should and could have security if she wanted to. But as you can see she don’t give a—-. This is normal pretty girl stuff in LA, now imagine how the ugly ones get down.

        • You wrote all that for not, I am not reading that.

          Mainly because nothing you say is worth reading and also for because you are bat shit crazy.

          You need to get a real hobby, because trying to make friends online is not something sane people do.

          • Girl I can easily go back to ignoring you. You comment on everything everybody post. You read it and I know you so cause you keep repeating everything I say on every post. Re read what you wrote and think again before you respond. Because you clearly told me what I said on a previous post. You post on every single persons opinion. So it’s clear who’s trying to make friends and who needs to get a life, ?

            • Please do then, because I hate Stupid People.

              And let’s be clear I check Stupid Bitches like you, who talk out of their ass, when they really should just STFU.

              And since you are the one here after midnight apply that getting a life thing to yourself.

  4. So this is whats called talent these days…poor baby gotta wrestle with silicone to find nutrients not to mention dodge std’s, from it’s hoe ass daddy.

    Its hard out here for a baby… smh

  5. Well, where I come from you get a “stye in your eye” for not giving a pregnant woman what she asks for…and in this case all she wants is good wishes. Its none of our business about the rate of unwed mothers. She got bank, Offset got bank…that child is set. And we need to get out of the dark ages when we say “unwed” mothers…some of these cats out here ain’t worth marrying…like Offset.

    • Shut Up Fool.

      Big-upping debauchery by trash.

      I swear there is no shortage of stupid people in this world.

    • @positiveovanegative….having a baby is much more stressful than being married…thats why after 2 to 3 years unwed mothers usually never stay with the father of their child…getting married should be the main foundation of childcare

      • @Blackman, I agree 2 is better than one…but if Offset does what he’s supposed to do (which is the key), she won’t be alone. And I think its more the father doesn’t stay with the mother of the child than the other way around. No?

        • Master/Mistress. LOL..I love the implications that women are the mistresses to their “Masters” Listen the fathers may have gotten kicked out because “papa was a rolling stone” and women realized that they don’t have to accept that infidelity. No sane woman really wants to have a baby without the father…but they know they’re self respect is more important. If their child sees them being treated less than by their daddy, what kind of message are you sending them. Black men are beautiful creatures and a blessing, but even blessings can turn out to be curses if you’re not careful.

  6. @ +/- if they’re not worth marrying why have a baby from him………That’s tooooooo much drama for a baby starting out.

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