Tamar Braxton & Vince Spotted in Cabo

tamar braxton vince cabo

It looks like Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert are officially back together. The couple was spotted on a family vacation with their son, Logan, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Are you happy Tamar’s giving him another chance – even after he allegedly bit her finger?


  1. This relationship gives me whiplash ??‍♀️ Next week he will beating her ass again I have nothing else to say Tamar girl I guess.

  2. Why are black relationship filled with so much violence husbands beating wives, wives beating husbands….growing up I have seen sisters beat their kids like its normal…you ask them why they do it they say “sometimes these little niggas be actin up so you need to whop them” smdh sadly thats the same logic police use when they killing us brothas

    • Wow such wisdom. A testerone driven male child should never be alone with his mother. A father rarely has to discipline by beating but the male child rarely responds to a woman without a belt. The boy learns to disrespect any authority without force.

      • the sad part is that brothas tell horror stories of their mothers beating them like it funny and normal. smdh

        • We know you were traumatized by your AFRICAN mother and the man who raped you…something you still need to get therapy for.

          • We are not the same.

            You yourself have said this many times.

            And everyone who is abused is not as fucked up as you. There are people who actually go and seek help, you still need to.

            • I never said we are the same but child abuse has its roots in african culture….every black population have a culture which condones mothers whopping black kids…and we think is comical. Black americans are actually lucky because in places like carribeans and Africa, kids who misbehave in school are beaten with sticks and belts by teachers and mothers

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          • You sound Extra Stupid, because you are.

            Unless you were around you don’t know who is who and what is what from slave days Bitch.

            What you need to worry about is your own traumatized asshole, how is that feeling these days?

            • Cont’d…

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        • This Blackman guy is annoying as hell. He’s always commenting on Black women; he’s like a total weirdo.

          • You are a weirdo. psycho and a undercover Fag.

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            • You will get punked every time you post here.

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          • LOL!!! You are a complete idiot..but what else can one expect from a rape victim.

  3. No I am not happy. I hate to se them together. An abusive and controlling man who would rather his wife resembled a white blonde woman. Not happy at all ?

  4. Dear Non Black Women,

    You can have Vince Herbert and your men can have Tamar.

  5. It’s sad that former stars have to resort to such tactics to stay relevant instead of living life and producing something worthwhile for themselves and the world. Vacations are a luxury and an escape. Soon as they are over it’s back to life. Don’t they have tax problems yet they vacation for the world to see. Arrogance. Showing off!

    • She is no star and has never been relevant.

      Just because the media tries to shove these nobodies down our throats does not make them worth a damn or relevant.

  6. Why would you go to Mexico on vacation unless you’re a 40 year old white male sex tourist?

    • Huh???? Kids go to Mexico for Spring Break. I’ve been to Mexico several times (Cabo, Puerto Vallarta & Cancun) and TJ countless times, mainly because we live in San Diego and the border is right there, so when relatives and friends come to visit, they wanna visit TJ to by trinkets, blankets, rugs, pharmaceuticals and eat. Cabo is my least favorite because they primarily cater to golfers.

  7. I think the whole Tamar and Vince divorce was a plot to keep the TV show on the air. What mother goes and hides in a room, and listens to her daughter’s husband beat her in their bedroom. That is what Tamar’s mother stated on the show. Lies and more lies from reality TV.

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