Tamar & Vince 911 Audio Released

tamar braxton vince herbert 911 call audio

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert. After Atlanta PD confirmed a domestic incident went down at the Ritz hotel between the couple, the 911 audio has now been released!

In the audio, a man asks for police to come to the hotel, and he specifically says Vince bit Tamar on her finger. He also confirms Vince fled the scene in a taxi cab before police arrived.

The real question is, if Vince really did bite Tamar and her finger was badly injured, why hasn’t he been arrested?

Peep the audio.


What do you think these crazy lovebirds were fighting about?


  1. We didn't really need proof, now did we!….I can't wait to see if she runs her mouth about this!…Karma is a bitch! She's done a lot of dirty shit, to good people, and this is the universe returning the favor! GOD is also trying to wake her up! It's funny how phony, Jesus loving, church freaks, preach about do unto to others, as you would have them do unto you, yet they regularly do f*cked up shit to people…You get back, what you dish out!..And she's getting her ass whooped! I. Swear she's nuts!??????

  2. If all of this stuff is now coming in the light what is going on most of the time let's say if you play your cards right the power that be doesn't let this out in the media OMG could it be someone is due for them just saying believe it are not Mr fat man is a 33 top dog if you know what I am saying.

  3. Tamar needs to humble herself. She has a terrible personality. Dropped by seven or eight different labels and fired from the real. Who's going to want to work with her?

  4. I see a divorce for them very soon.. It looks like she ready to move on.. Vince helped her to get where she is today.. I think this huzzy is sickening and have delusion of grandeur… She's the reason I lot of viewers stop watching the Braxton.. She makes everything about her and her attitude is really shitty.. Ms Piggy wants her face back. ASAP

    • Divorce should be the LAST thought & left completely out of Tamar's vocabulary. Vince will destroy her career & her very being.

  5. I can't stand Tamar, she talks to freaking much. I agree # Sammie she is a loud mouth, shes narcissistic and has delusion of grandeur.

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