Chris Brown Finds Love With Instagram Model

chris brown girlfriend

A week after “playfully” choking another female, Chris Brown stepped out with a new woman on his arms.

She goes by Ashley Summer, and she’s a “model.”

At least she got to see the “real” Chris straight out the gate. TMZ captured video of him threatening to knock out a valet attendant during their night out on the town.


    • Ummm do you see her? Woman will never be jealous of another woman that look like a man. Lol calm down!!

      • @Lovelylady you took the words right out my mouth! Let’s be honest, CB is extremely talented but black women don’t want him!!! We will passed on that ass whoopin he gives out!

        Dear, Non Black Women
        Y’all can have Chris Brown, Punk ass Fabolous, Floyd Mayweather, The Game, Puffy or Pdiddy, Kanye, Lil Bow wow, Adrien Broner, Any rapper/celebrity that wears makeup, blouses, tights or crop tops.
        *I know I forgot some, please add on to this list Black Women.

        • Telling CB that black women don’t want him so other races can have him is like saying Ford doesn’t want you, but Ferrari does, Swatch doesn’t want you but Rolex does, you can’t have McDonalds but Gordon Ramsey will go to your house and cook for you!!

      • Just because you put others down, does not mean others will find you attractive. You are mad at her long, luxurious hair, the type you always steal from Miss Kim’s hair emporium. That girl looks how you black women think you look with your Weaves. Trust me, you don’t.

        • Bitch fuck you. Not all black women wear weave and some of y’all motherfuckers kill me talking about hair but don’t shit about flat ass no lip having, pale face, non black women buying body parts. It’s so sad that some black
          Niggas ( not men but niggas )talk down on black women while other races respect their own. I guess 2018 is the year of the woken coon.

          • No one wants your Big ass, Big lips and dark skin that’s why you are begging white people to put black women on Magazines whilst Black men have no problem getting them, film starring roles and even being used in Rolls Royce ads.

            You are not as attractive as other races of women, so why not build the reputation of being the friendliest? Look forward to you hoodrat reply.

            • If they did not the kartrashians would not be where they are and surgeries to gain lips and ass would not be skyrocketing Fag.

              Any man who wants a woman shaped like a boy is a FAG and trust we won’t miss you Coon.

              No one needs trash like you for validation.

              • Thanks for your reply . At least whilst you are talking shit on here you are not at Planned Parenthood trying to complete Margret Sangers plan.
                Kardashian are Armenians, which is just about on par with Albanians in the European shithouse stakes. They are Dubai toilets to the world, but the muse for the African American woman.

              • ^^^You were just a dollar away from being a legal abortion…too bad that hanger did not take, the residual affects on your brain are still present though…LOL!!!

              • Black bitches know all about abortions, I admit, you are the No1 in the U.S. If you are not having one you are talking about killing black babies. You are a faulty EBT card away from starvation Wog.

              • Shut up Trick Baby^^…who you should be mad at your mother for bringing you into this world.

                Oh and your Uncle for using you like an EBT Card,

            • Actually you dumb fuck I’m not even dark skin nor fully black. While assholes like you talk about black women white men are the ones wanting to kill you. And who are the main ones on tv protesting black women!!! White people laugh at stupid fucks like you. Self hating piece of shit

              • “White people laugh at stupid fucks like you”. Your Dad sounds like a pleasant guy. Must be where you got your racism from mongrel.

              • ^^^And You two Dumb Fucks just want attention period…You have Nothing and are Nothing.

    • Agreed to every response on this.

      Doesn’t Chris have HIV/AIDS any way?

      Let him spread it to everyone else- keep Black communities safe!!

  1. I used to take up for this boy but he let’s gold diggers pass him around like. Candy

  2. All these instahoes look alike and the crazy thing is you never know if this is a male or female

  3. Chris is now gone. They clowned him. That’s why in the song they say I woke up in Chris Browns body. They serious, the real Chris Brown had much better taste than this.

  4. You know when you look at her it’s really hard to tale if that’s really a woman or a man no shade at at now days you really don’t know men are doing their make up a little to damn good to even know he probably don’t give a damn what the hell it is any way.

    • Yeah it’s a crazy world we live in now. If I was a man I’d make sure the girl I was with had a damn period and need to see baby pictures. She has very strong features I totally wouldn’t be surprised if this is a man and sad thing is
      nowadays niggas don’t care.

  5. aw nothing like a chocolate skin latina…chris seems to love exotic looking women

      • how come every good looking non black women is considered a tranny…but when white people say serena williams looks like a man sistas are in tears.. “yall raciss” smdh


        • And especially if it’s a brother too? Yes be free too date who ever you want and don’t be surprised if it’s a dude.

          • i am telling you… like look at stephon clarke black women are actually happy crakka cops shot him… these hoes aint loyal…their loyalty lies in controlling you…as a brotha as long as your tap dancing and cooning for black women they will love and “protect” you but once you date an non black women..these hoes want you dead…smdh

            • You went way left with that one maybe be for you write down a comment you should really think about what you be saying why would people be happy that a cop killed any one you sound like someone really did a number on you no disrespect but you should really go and talk to someone about that and as a black woman not all of us are the same just as not all black men are the same.

              • so you are acting like black women arent saying that he deserve to die..go to the shade room or any post about stephon clarke and read the comments from these queens smdh


              • @missL and why is it that when a brotha is critical about the stupidity of black women he needs to seek help or “somebody hurt you”…black women have been disgracing black life for decades it time for black men to speak up….


            • So no mention of what he said about bw huh? The general consensus w asnt that anybody wanted him dead it was nobody wanted to donate to his go fund me because of how he completely disrespected us.

              • yeh but injustice ia injustice regardless of the person views…ironically these crakka cops do the same thing when brothas get murder by bringing up their criminal and morally history to excuse the killing. I have told people that black women are nothing but attention seeking puppets….I remember there was intiative for black male organization to help decrease Detroits crime and help black youth progress and guess what black women fought against it. smdh

            • Truth hurts Bitch…First off YOU ARE NOT BLACK.

              You are a damaged mentally african bootyscratcher who needs to confront his asshole being traumatized and his AFRICAN mother issues.

            • Name this so called organization in Detroit and list every detail about how ONLY black women were against it.

              You are a puppet too, just too fucking stupid to realize it.

              • @anon I watched the documentary a while back but it was something like the Urban brotherhood not really sure.

                They were an All BLACK MALE organization who were invited by the city councils to walk through the streets of cities engaging with kids helping with afterschool activities and trying to find solutions to unemploynent… The black queens seeing that it was black male run group said that they shouldnt be “intervening” in their parenting and its not up to “outsiders”. Mind you these are same hoes who live off tax payers money and want white men to save them.

                Thats when black women say their not protesting for us i just laugh. Fighting for me.. bitch please…you just what white men to validate you

            • Don’t name shit you can’t even remember as a credible source.

              Given your obvious bias I would never believe anything that spews out of your warped brain as legit on it’s face.

              Every time you type you sound like a Bitter Jaded Bitch, who never received love or attention.

              • I agree that you shouldnt take my word as fact but you must understand why is it that whatever black women can be at the forefront and be consider “heros” like womens march and black lives matter or even voting they are quick to participate but immoral things that THEY help create like child abuse, black on black violence, abortions, bastard kids, child support and stds they are NOWHERE to be found. Without white attention black women have no interest in the fight. I guarantee you that if black men take the helm of black activism black women will not support it that is why there so much scary looking dykes in black activism.

            • Shut Up already.

              No one is reading that shit…all you do is say the same thing over & over & over again.

              • Cont’d…

                You really need to get a life and some psychiatric assistance, meds would not do you any good.

          • No different than the man your mother chose.

            She really should have swallowed.

          • Nawww…abortion would have been too good for you.

            You deserve every miserable thing that has happened to you and continues happening to you, since you have not learned anything from your pain.

    • How would that make a difference?

      No baby looks male or female…shit the parents could dress them whichever way they want and you would not know the difference.

  6. lol @ black women being jealous of women who desperately want to be bw just like their men

  7. He will never marry or have a relationship he sings about in all his songs. I’m still out on whether or not he’s actually a father. One day he will be too old to back flip and dance across the stage.

    • Ha Ha, imitators? You should have given this joke to Monique, Netflix would have given her the full 3 Million :-D. Trust a black woman to give you a good laugh!

      • The laugh is on you Bitch!

        I get why you are so mad now, you want to be a woman…you were someone’s Bitch now you hate women, because you will never be one…LOL!!!!

        • Ha, your right, I had a 790 testosterone count last year, so that technically makes me an African American woman 😀 .

            • Would be better if you knew which one of your clients gave you HIV 😀 . My money is on your Uncle.

              • You keep bringing up Uncle’s yours must have fucked you up literally and figuratively good.

                All you are is the female blackcoon above who is tormented from being raped.

              • Only brought up uncle once, but you are constantly bringing up transexuals, makes you feel less alone thinking someone is like you. You are obviously a nigga as you have got rape on the mind, your default position.

          • LOL, I have not brought up tranny’s once.

            You must be jealous of them too..more woman than you will ever be and more man than you will ever get.

            Don’t be bitter because your Uncle used you up like a Trick Baby…you should really seek therapy for that, it has turned you into a sad, miserable, pathetic loser.

        • He’s a white reddit troll that’s mad some black man is boning his wife right now during her “personal training” sessions. His kid will look like Shemar Moore.

    • And they spend trillions on surgery, tanning, makeup, hairstyling, clothes, and more to look, walk, talk, dress, act, dance, eat, and everything else like black women. They don’t even want their own men unless they act like a black man, but you know all this. You’re white.

      • STFU Coon.

        No Real Man would listen to some mentally defective african with african mommy issues and traumatic asshole syndrome.

          • Still laughing about rape…i guess those sistas who been abuse in hollywood should speak out about traumatize asshole syndrome..just imaging how much crakka sperm is these women asshole and twat…but then again black women will do anything to stay in hollywood…

  8. I just hope he finds true happiness within himself, because he does seem genuine but acts out as a defense mechanism. I still say he need to go To the reservation for a spirit cleanse…

  9. Wow, after ready these comments I just realized that Black people really do hate themselves. Both the men and the women hate themselves equally.

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