Russell Simmons Has a Message for His ‘Baby Mama’ Kimora

russell simmons baby mama kimora

When he’s not dodging sexual harassment allegations, Russell Simmons is showing some love to his “baby mama,” his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons.

In an Instagram post, he proclaimed today “Baby momma appreciation day” and thanked her for being a “a phenomenal mother.” He also gave a shout out to her new husband, Tim Leissner.

It’s nice to see exes showing love instead of beefing, right?


  1. That’s a very sweet post. I have Nothing else nice to say, so I will end it there.

    • I don’t like the baby mama reference bc shes earned the right to be addressed as the mother of your children because she was his wife first. When men say that it implies your children were a mistake. Makes my skin crawl…

  2. Ruthell met her when she was a 14 year old model. 😐

    Djimon is probably still getting that regularly. He was like Superman saving her from Ruthell and now the hedge fund guy. He came through with the mutumbo. Him and whatever side chick she has.

  3. Probably reminiscing out loud about how easy life was when he was married to her and how she put up with his stuff. I don’t know if he has enough money to make his legal matters go away. Damn shame how Cosbee is back in court and none of these yt players accused by the ‘me 2’ folks have a charge pending!

  4. I like kimora, I really do. I have just a few questions ummm… It’s she trying to get her old nose back?! Or is that repair for models equivalent of “deviated septum”. Is it wrong to assume that someone of upper echelon would have a better connect to a top surgeon in that field, idk. It troubles my soul that she face is melting away and no one doing anything about it…?????

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