Russell Simmons Says ‘Not Me’ After 9 More Women Accuse Him of Rape

russell simmons denies rape

After 9 more women came forward with rape and sexual assault allegations in NY Times and LA Times reports, against Russell Simmons, the Hip Hop mogul is still declaring his innocence.

This time, he has started a #NotMe


  1. One day men will learn woman dont like to be dumped or tossed to the side like trash!

    • Dumped and tossed doesn’t have anything to do with RAPE.. Rape is having sex against someone’s will.. No means NO
      You have been posting so crazy post recently.. They make no damn sense..
      Again being raped has nothing to do with be tossed and dumped, they weren’t dating..
      If they were dating, NO means no. I hope you don’t have daughters or granddaughters…

      • Girl please!!!! I have been around many woman that scream rape just because the guy smashed and bounced. They think because they said I really dont want to have sex qualifies as saying NO. They shouldve been kicking and screaming and never even been with the man in the first place and unless he dragged them up to his house while they was kicking and screaming, how they get up there? None of these people ever said they were held up against they will, they just keep describing a situation they really did not want to be, hesitated a few times, but went through with it anyway.

        That is not the same as a stranger snatching them up off the street with them kicking and screaming crying for help.

        If russell would have married these woman they wouldve been his wife.

        • You have not been around all women, just because You and Your Hoe Ass friends do that shit does not mean the majority of women do.

          Next time someone comes at you… I hope they do something that makes you HAVE to report it…One to know how it feels to be in that situation and be made to feel like you did something wrong…and Two since You claim you never did before when you were assaulted and let pedos and scumbags roam free to harm others.

          Honestly I think you would be too stupid to know the difference anyway and chock it up as a bad relationship like you are now, damn you are a Fucking Idiot….smfh.

          • Okay if you feel good about all the baloney you just said have fun with that. Plenty woman scream rape because they got dumped and I dont have 1 friend that did that. When I was at college you know a real one with different cultures. I remeber several white girls that did that to some of the black athletes and white fraternity guys. I also went to a highschool where a black girl did that to a black guy and then admitted she lied after he was in jail for several years

            So miss me with your fairy tale crap. Ive been in plenty of oppurtunities around many different men including celebs and Ive chosen not to go into private settings settings or to there little private parties, ride in they cars and etc and to avoid shyt like this.

            Most of these situations could have been avoided if they would have stayed out of his face trying to be famous or simply just simply had a Daddy or Brother or a Pastor that taught them that they cant trust no niggaz.

            • NO PLENTY of women do NOT scream RAPE.

              Just Rats like you.

              When you have to write books, that no one is reading…you must know you are in the WRONG!

              • Plenty of woman dont and plenty of woman do. I feel lile im talking to a very ignorant woman that if I seen you in person I would never blink at.

            • Again Rats like you and the Pigeons you know do shit like that.

              The majority of women do not.

      • If these people were really raped like that Amber Alert girl. They wouldve been reported this crap. You act like woman dont lie about being raped all the time. Youre the one thats dumb! You like to take whatever negative info you here about someone and run with it!

        I use common sense and common sense tells me if you feel uncomfortable with a man you dont ride in his car or go in his house.

        Ive been around plenty of creeps, you recognize they creeps and keep your distance. These people see money and fame so they hung with him and then he decided to take advantage of it. All that couldve been prevented if they wouldve just stayed out this very obviously creepy old mans VIP section, office, car and or house.

        But they did not, they played with fire and got burned!

        • Most of the women are saying they willingly to his house to play baccarat or pinochle. At least that’s what they thought they were going to do late at night.

          • Exactly. I dont know why she playing dumb like she dont understand these woman low key walked right into these situations

              • You might want to read the last sentence, he is agreeing with me. “At least thats what they thought the were going to do late night”

                Man i wish I could see what you look like. Lol

            • That sentence does not imply agreement Retard.

              What I look like is someone who could whoop your ass in every sense of the word especially in any intellectual challenge.

              Besides I am not the one on here on a Saturday Night…you miserable. lonely, ugly from the inside out Crab….LOL!!!

              • But you on here all day though on every post! I have a lot of time on my hands because I no longer work. But not enough time to be in here all day. I skip in and then skip out, you on here alllllll day long. I come here for a reason, I don’t think you actually have one. And so far youre not even intellectuall, you’re just ignorant. And I’m sure you do look like someone that could whoop my azz. ??

              • This is the only blog I visit and I got here because they posted a picture of me with my homegirl Koreana whom they were doing an article on because she passed away. I know most of what they posted about the situation was accurate, so I’m interested In everything else they say. Has a blog ever posted a picture of you?

              • LMAO, where am I here all day?

                This is how stupid you are, you think ALL anons are the same person huh?

                Stupid Ass Ho….LOL!!!

                Reading any more of your Dumb Shit is not worth my time…You just can’t Fix Stupid ….LOL!

        • Aren’t YOU the same Bitch who said she had been sexually assaulted Numerous TIMES and NEVER REPORTED IT!

          BITCH PLEASE!!!

          • No that is not what I said. Ive been around many perves who attempted these things. Only one situation where a football player who is in the NFL tried to force himself on me and I firmly told him what he would be doing is rape and let him know very clearly I wasnt down and used all my stength to try and get him off of me and then he got up and left. But all that nooooo i dont want to shyt is not going to work on a horney man that you willingly went out with they think your full of shyt, you have to start kicking and screaming and then they will leave you alone.

              • Aint nothing to report? Nothing happen in any of these situations other than men being men. Believe it or not most men will push back if firmly tell them no.

              • What happened was sick and was not men being men you Fucking Retard.

                Again You are the Dumbest Bitch here and know anyone who was hurt by any of those men after the shit that happened to you, is on your head.

            • Anytime ANYONE puts hands on you or says anything inappropriate it is assault/ harassment.

              And SHOULD BE REPORTED.

              This is EXACTLY why You ARE a DUMB Bitch.

              • Girl I grew up in Cali, Long Beach, LA and Compton. That stuff is everyday all day out here, ain’t nobody got time to be calling the police every time somebody disrespect you. That’s not how you get respect, simply telling a nigga “NO” and actually mean it seems to work just fine. If you notice they never reporting rape on broke niggaz.

            • You ARE a DUMB BITCH…speaking to STUPID is like talking to a Brick Wall…You could not retain an ounce of intelligence if Einstein spit on you.

              What you did was let pedos and rapist roam without repercussion and anyone hurt by those men will be on your tab, know that!

    • To sue them or take them to court.
      The police is looking into Russ case.. Harry W have over 50 women telling what he had them do for a part in movies..He hasn’t been arrested as of today.. Kevin Spacey is in rehab for sex addiction.. Brian Singer and Kevin have been raping underage boy, but they are still free..
      It’s so many and there is so many more to come. This is just the lid being lifted enough to see light.. Just await the lid being all the way open, executives, assistants, this is going to look at all the men, for who they are…

      • Wienstien is a friend of the Clintons but he is being investigated for human trafficking in France. Kevin Spacey was having orgies in the Presidential Limo and AF1 with Clinton present. Thats why no charge.

  2. Wait A DAMN MINUTE! HOLE UP! STOP! So Russy been out here raping more than 9 people and they JUST all decided to address it publicly? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. He’s pissed of a few women in his day, but damn.

  3. Have you noticed that all these allegations are first reported by either The LA Times or The NY Times in this case both???


    • These allegations been on the hip hop blogs for years. Who didn’t know about Russell Simmons?

    • I meant the ones that have come out since Harvey W mainly, should have been more specific. It seems that since the closet door has been cracked opened all of theses celebrity’s skeletons are tumbling out.


      The build them up with exclusive interviews and cover stories to spread the agenda (whatever that is at the time, pun intended) then when they mess up and the hammer drops you best believe the NY Times is front and center to tell it all. Don’t believe me??? Ask their used to be golden boy Harvey Weinstein formally of “The Weinstein Compay”, you would not believe all the things they were tangled up in before the got famous, welp maybe you would…

      • I still disagree, but it doesn’t matter that much to me.

        Until there are charges & convictions it is all BS.

          • Just remember this Rat, Fake Bitches like you have a shelf life and given how OLD you are, time is not on your side.

            You get by based on your stupidity and people feeling sorry for you, but once that age really hits…which in your case will be sooner than later, a tin can will be more valuable than you.

          • Don’t be mad because you are a cumdump accident that should have been swallowed.

            What I know about you is no sane man wants a Stupid Skamp, that is why you wind up with men who beat the shit out of you.

            • I’ve never been hit before by any man. The most I’ve been was yelled at 1 time and I dumped his azz for it. I’ve been asked to be married by different men some whole Ive never even kissed before. So your assumption is wrong.

              If I wanted to be married I would be, I just haven’t found the guy I want to marry. And the fact that you said no man wants me, tells me you are a mud duck for real. Because your thought process is to be picked, my thought process is to choose.

              So I’m done talking with you on that note.

              • Then I know for sure you are a Lying Ass Bitch.

                You said on these boards you had some crazy dude who used to Beat That Ass!

                No one marries Down Dumb Bitch, so You will never be married nor have children you dried up out Rat.

              • Show me the lost where I said somebody beat me. I said I had a two overly possessive exes but I never said they have never hit me.

                I also said they turned into stalkers and it looks like I got another one ☝?

                Because I promise you I dont read all of your post or remember shyt you say especailly not from that long ago.

              • You are too stupid to remember anything ANYONE says.

                And you got your ass beat, I am sure of it.

              • Never been beat or hit. Don’t know those kind of men. When a man had ever raised his voice at me, its a turn off and I’m done! Won’t ever get as far as getting hit.

        • No problem, you have a right to disagree. When I posted I wasn’t even talking about Russell per se but the media (NY and LA Times mainly) and the way they are handling these allegations and outing THEIR own puppets. When I say THEIR I mean THEY and when I say THEY I mean TPTB who owns THEM.

  4. His credibility went in the ssshhytter after that CARD mess (wasn’t that last year?) he barely fixed!

  5. dude has erectile dysfunction, said his ex wife and many other women. so i can totally see him taking his frustration out at many women. he is kinda an asshole toward females.

  6. All the accusers are men,Russell,S half erected penis was looking for dookie love from trannies!!!

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