Paul Mooney Is Mad Only Black Women Get Credit for Saving Alabama

paul mooney alabama

Paul Mooney is tired of black women getting all the credit for propelling Doug Jones to victory in the Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore, and he’s waiting for black men to get some shine!

paul mooney black men alabama


  1. So the one time Americans uplift black women and a black man has to tear it down…shocker!

  2. Blacks came out in record numbers, period. Black women just came out in even higher numbers, that’s all and that’s ususally the case in every election cycle.

    • Black women love a pro abortion politician. Lots of adrenochrome from those late term babies for the Clintons and Podestas and your fav Celebs!!!!

  3. Look at this dumb ass coon trying to get on masta’s good side. Some of these stupid ass black men love talking shit about black woman While they praise anything none black. Whites knew what they was doing Getting the black man to hate what brought him into this world. Who the fuck cares about this election they still don’t give a damn about black people.

  4. Fact: The Democratic party was created by the Condederates.

    Fact: Robert E Lee and General Stonewall Jackson were Democrats

  5. Roy Moore isn’t the only pedophile politician. Go on the internet and read about Congressman Mark Foley. Then go on the internet and read about Pizzagate.

    • I read online a few years ago that American senators were / are the biggest downloaders of child porn. At the time it seemed outrageous to me but these days you just have to expect it.

    • Obama used $65,000 of tax payer money to order “Hotdogs” for whitehouse parties. Moore was a victim of a Soros smear campaign, and Blacks fell for the Nazi Collaborators rhetoric, sad. Google “Podesta Art”.

      • No one fell for anything, he did that shit. There is evidence to back up those women’s stories…besides you all act like this is some repube vs dem shit.

        They ALL play for the the same team! And all are a part of the same sick circles.

  6. I love Paul Mooney. One of the last of a dying breed and he is no coon that’s for sure. Funny wise and very political. I sure wish Tiereek would stop identifying black people as coonz. We are called enough names privately and publicly.

  7. Republican… Democrates = they all have the same agenda.. They are all the same..people period need to wake up and smell the coffee.they dont care about blacks..nor mex…or any one of color for that matter…. If HC would had won trump things would had been no better..and that’s the can do reseach on her and find out for your self…who care about the election ..the system has failed us so many times.. If U voted yes Trump is your leader because according to the system that U are feeding in to.. The rules are …by default thats your president… #notME #notPartOFTHISevilSystem #aLLlifesMatter

    • Mexicans don’t give a shit about Blacks, and neither do any other “person of color”. Cut the heal the world Bull shit!!! Chinese Defense Sec in 2005 said they will take over Canada ,USA and Australia because they are “Racially Superior”. so if you think no Whites no problems, think again Negroes. Obama started 5 wars and killed 1,000,000 people. I guess 3- 4,000 were White. Record levels of Black unemployment, and did 2 consecutive Black Attorney Generals help Blacks dealing with the justice system? Thought not.

  8. Typical Gay man stuff. Jealous of women … wants men’s attention. See women as competition.

  9. Richard Pryor roasted paulie,for sucking mad old yt cock,to stay funny,even tho he is fruity,I mean funny(gay)as hell!

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