Halle Berry’s ‘Done With Love’ After Breakup

halle berry alex da kid done with love

After breaking up with 35-year-old Alex Da Kid, Halle Berry has revealed on her Snapchat that she’s officially “done with love”!

Can you blame the 51-year-old for giving up on her love life?


  1. Why is she even on social media with this nonsense. Once she won her oskher it became the end of her career. She should write a book about Hollywood if she’s willing to tell the truth.

    • She should write a book about letting crusty old Billy Bob Thornton nut in her a$$.

      • she’s half black and half white, so the whole going black men then white men to date is irrelevant.

  2. No real man will take a back seat in his relationship to anything. Anything. Halle has to ask each of her men to take a back seat to her first love. Her first MARRIAGE… HOLLYWOOD a.k.a. the devil’s playground. Maybe only a pimp would play that role for her. Pray to the creator for her and others like her who had/have no idea what HELLYWOOD has in store for the young naively ambitious. Pray that the creator removes all evil from within and around.

  3. Homoweird (Hollywood) turned her into a bisexual. Debbie Allen had her.

  4. Her and Sanaa Lathan both can’t keep a man which it’s crazy because they are both beautiful and successful

    • Being beautiful and successful does not mean you can maintain a successful relationship. Shit most average people, have trouble with relationships. It probably has more to do with their personality.

  5. Halle Berry and Sanaa Lathan can’t keep men because they fucked a racist ugly white man name Vincent Cirrincione. In other words, both of those black women are high price hollywood hookers. Jacky reported the story. Look at the archives.

  6. Halle is bipolar I think one of her first roles in the eighties was playing somebody bipolar then she was dating danny from nkotb and heavy d

    Sannas dad Stan lathan gas clout in hollywood

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