Is Fabolous Using His Kids as Pawns?

fabolous kids abuse

It looks like Fabolous is going into overdrive to repair his image. His comments are turned off on Instagram, but he has posted a picture of Emily’s daughter, Taina, calling her a “Queen,” and a video of his son Jonas saying “Hi, mommy, I love you.”

Are these the same kids that were crying when Fab was threatening to shank and pop a bullet in their mom and grandpa?


  1. He beat the mother of these children! Knocked out teeth of these children’s mother. Threatened the grandfather of these children. Go somewhere and sit down man! He should be begging for forgiveness somewhere and feeling too ashamed to publicize on social media. DAMN!

    • Who knows what she was doing off camera… we dont know… dude just doesnt go out of his mind woopin asss unless their is something behind it!!! Maybe he was tired of her and her daddy leaching of him, going behind his back doing some shiit who knows.. He def was wrong but I dont think he would just fuck a bitch up like that unless there was some shiit behind we don’t know.

      • So are you insinuating that she was kicking his ass so he reacted in self defense?! Oh ok…???

  2. I’m forgiving but when a man is aggressive like that, you need to leave.

    He don’t care about her, he just trying to stop her from pressing charges..

  3. Has Punk Fab ever posted pictures of Emily’s daughter before? Did he give her a Bday post last year? The answer to these questions will admit his level of guilt. I know he post his two biological kids often cuz it makes the blogs… Has he ever dedicated a post to Emily? Real questions…

      • Sounds like he genuinely loves the kids, just can’t control his punk ass anger.

    • he’s dum, he should of gotten his sister or another woman to just woop her ass!!!

  4. Fuck his bitch ass and I hope a real man beat the dog shit out of him. Pussy ass ninja

  5. If he wants the public’s respect back, he needs to be honest and get treatment (in a locked down facility).

  6. Stop putting that woman on a pedestal don’t NOBODY what she could have done /said same with her father but them .Like a wise man wants told me when you have to put your hands on your LADY let them go an if fab woman still want him knowing he like to put his hands on her that’s on her

    • If you think it is OK to put hands on someone for what they SAID, I hope you get pounded every day of your life on GP.

      Only punk bitches who don’t have proper communication skills put hands on people over words.

      • You mean like Solange? Rhianna by her own admission with Chris Brown? Ray Rices Fiance?

        • I don’t give a fuck who it is male/ woman ANY MF who puts hands on you over words needs to be in prison…and since you were NOT in the car you don’t know what the fuck happened in the rhi/ chris shit…but I do know that bitch (chris) should be in jail for attempted murder after the police found her passed out and nearly dead with all those bruises on her face.

          • And you know Solange hit Jay Z first, but you are still not asking for her arrest for attempted murder by nearly putting a stiletto heel through his femoral artery!!

            • Can you not read Bitch?

              I said WHOEVER lays hands needs to go to prison. She did not land a blow you Stupid Punk Bitch.

              He did the right thing and stood away from her, if he wanted to file charges he could have, but he did not so STFU about it already.

              If you are a dude and has to use your force on a woman, you need to be put under the jail..why because you could kill her…no woman’s bare hand hit will kill a man.

              • The fact that you fight so hard about okaying a punk beating down a woman let’s me and everyone know what a complete Piece of Shit you are.

            • The only Sad Bitch here is you, Fag.

              And I see you could not prove your claim… Stupid MF.

              I can’t wait for trash like you to be wiped off the face of the earth.

  7. Yall lame asf. Buch of ugly broke side bitchs typing paragraphs about other people

  8. A woman is no competition to a man when it comes to a fight! Doesn’t matter what she did to piss him off. Beating a woman often has to do with anger towards the white man whom he can’t attack like that or lest be killed! Men who beat their women may be misunderstood but it’s still wrong and no woman deserves that, even the women who escalate the argument. BM walk away from BS all day long dealing with racism but go after their women when they get home instead of walking away until each other has cooled off!! Now he’s facing prison and fines and loss of income instead. That ought to add to his anger for real….

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