Footage of Fabolous & Emily B Fighting Leaks

fabolous emily fight video

Footage of Fabolous, his baby mama Emily Bustamante, and her father involved in a verbal altercation has leaked.

In the video, you can see a man trying to restrain Fab as he curses at Emily and her dad. He brandishes a sharp object and can be heard telling Emily’s dad that he has a bullet with his name on it. Em can also be seen crying and screaming as she tries to run away from him.


  1. Any male that is paid to guard another male is not a “body”guard. He’s a “bitch”guard. Any male that needs guarding by another male is a bitch. Get it ladies?!?

    • Not when you got multiple contracts out on your life. You would be wise to hire the very best, top notch, Special Ops type security to protect that ass and not yo boys from the hood who are not trained and don’t know what to look for. Employee them in other ways, but don’t put your life in their untrained hands.

      • Exactly, smartest comment ever!!! Shiit half the time Niggaz from the hood be the once that put the artist in danger in the first place.. all because of their egos n shiit. Fuck that, i’de hire me some special ops, shiiit Niggaz that served in the military n shiit Just look at what happened to Pac… Had he have had real security around when that shiit happened instead of his street niggaz n shiit,thinks wouldnt had gone fucked up that night… Special trained Niggaz that would of stopped him from getting involved in street shiit that had nothing to do with him…

        • Interesting that you mention Tupac’s security because I was watched a documentary where a real trained bodyguard said, given the climate and where he was at the time of his death, no way Biggie should’ve been sitting in the front passenger. He should’ve been in the back of the vehicle.

          • Both them Niggaz were sitting right on the front passenger side. Pac should of had Real security there who would of pulled him away from tha shiiit, leave that shiit to the street Niggaz, was no point in getting involved in death row chain street shiit that had nothing to do with him.. shit, he should of let Suge dealt with that, it was his company not Pac’s… and Biggie def should of had some vest on cause no one in their right mind would be going to enemy territory about 6 months after their number 1 top rapper of all time got killed, shiit that shiit was suicidal. Listening to Puffy got that Nigga killed, fact was that Big had nothing to do with the Beef either, it really was between two Label Presidents that were beefing and in the end their top artist that caught up in beefs that had nothing to do with them…

            • Big was the driver and was on the driver side, and that was the side that was shot up. Puff was the passenger in that car.

    • 100% He is was nipsey hussell called cardi a cell soldier. Talking all that mess because he got back up. And Emily dumb azz, at no point would I be running from a nigga I’ve ever slept with. I would be all upside his head until he would’ve had to actually hurt me.

      • She runs from him because she’s been hit by him before and she fears him. Her daddy never taught her how to knock a mofo out. Instead of teaching her how to be pretty and find her husband he should have been teaching her how to have a knuckle game.

    • Thats the dummest shiit i’ve ever heard in my life. So its not a bitch ass move to get a female body guard but a bitch ass move to get a male guard? this generation of Niggaz are so stupid i just don’t get it with yall thinking. The man got security to keep him from shiit and now Niggaz talking about Why he have a male body guard smh

      • Yep Stop Simping, this may not apply to him, but as soon as you get around 20 million, I have heard you get onto big time criminal radars. I got this from a man who runs a security firm.

        • Exactly, shiit the more money you make the more problem that shiit brings… you better believe my ass getting some Former Delta Commando Ops fighters as security n shiiit, you got the money better get the best security money can buy… I don’t know the fuck wrong with hommie but if he wants to get an all female body guard then he should look at Muamar Gadaffi, that Nigga only hire all Female Body Guards n well, shiit you know what happened to him.. shiit, you a big target better believe you better get a top notch security!!!

  2. Glad they exposed his punk ass!!! I noticed his punk ass looks angry in all his pictures, why is he SO mad??!! Was he an abused kid? Either way he is a Monster and I hope he never gets a chance to knock out anybody else teeth.

  3. Everybody was pre judging her Dad and Brother’s reaction… I’m happy to see her Dad was ready to whoop his punk ass. #FuckFAB!

  4. I did his reading a little. Not suprised that he beats her. He needs a spiritual cleansing and rearrangement of self. He’s got too much fire in him lots of passion and feminine energy which is why he sleeps around and also hits her. Lots of changes spiritually need to be made.

  5. Cant stand men like him and sorry not sorry women like her give them the ammo to keep treating them this way. Walk away and keep your girls out of this vicious cycle…

    Learn to love yourself first…

  6. To think that there are idiots online defending his behavior because she allegedly cheated on him. F-A-G-O really fucked up this time. What the fuck is goin on with all these NY rappers this year? First Juelz Santana gets caught doin dumb shit and now Fagolous. SMH

    • Glad he beat her ass… if she was cheating…good for her… bitches always being taken care of and using guys and playingvictims

      • You should have been strangled with your umbilical cord.

        You probably were causing the brain damage you have now.

  7. She should not be dating men that would put her dad and brother in a situation like this. Emily is dumb! Fab career is over!

  8. Okay Emily disgust me, they said she called her father and brother over to remove fabs handguns. Why not remove them yourself and get the heck out of his house. But instead you put your brother and dads life at risk. I hope that ain’t true but that’s what I just read

  9. There are plenty of videos of black males beating the piss out of white men. Take your bitter ass on somewhere. You know it all nothing ass bitter black women need to seek therapy and stop blaming black men for your problems. Majority of the time, you bitches simply write checks your ass can’t cash. Mean-spirited, always gotta attitude the list is endless. Tired of black women playing the victim.

  10. Fabulous is Domincan and black and Emily is Dominican and Puerto Rican. I don’t know what she sees in him. I guess fame and money but what is she teaching her kids especially her daughter by accepting this type of behavior from a f boy.

  11. Why he didn’t he tough with puffy on drink champs. The way puffy was acting towards him .

  12. This is one of those situations where you know all that needed to be said has been said, so all you can do is sit back and wait for the worst. I’m sure Emily has been giving many reasons as to why she needs to leave him alone and I’m sure he’s let her know exactly how he really feels about her, be it verbally or physically. If this keeps going we will eventually be speaking about either one or both of them in a past tensed form instead in the present.

  13. What I hate the most about this is how these two have already caused serious damage to their children. Because these pitiful parents have been the example for their kids…What have they already instilled in them? What kind of adults will they become? Has Fab conditioned his sons for gang life and prison? Has Emily taught her daughter how abuse is okay or to take the abuse, especially if there’s lots money involved? I may be in the minority when I say this but I don’t believe that everyone should be allowed to procreate. Kids don’t ask to be here, to be treated as such or should have to go through so much unnecessary heartbreak and sorrow, brought on due their parents.

    • STFU Dick…

      Learn how to write a complete sentence before you try to talk shit.

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