Cardi B Accused of Jacking New Song from Unknown Artist

cardi b stole be careful

Cardi B is being put on blast for jacking her new song “Be Careful” from another artist. Here is Cardi’s track:

And here’s the artist she allegedly ripped off:

Even her friend Kehlani had to drag her for this one:


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  1. She should be sued. Cant stand thieves…ask Vanna for a vowel and get a clue but I digress this chic cant even grasp the English language…

    • That’s pretty racist. Your English language is a slave language. At least she has her own indigenous tongue. smfh

      • Hey dumbass!
        Spanish is only indigenous to SPAIN.
        Cardi is a DOMINICAN, also decended from CAPTIVE AFRICANS. Her slavemaster spoke Spanish and her people harvested sugar cane instead of cotton .

  2. Take away the clothes, the act, the hair, whatever and you tell me where the talent is.
    That line about ‘moving the culture forward’ is a bunch of BS! What culture. Move to where!

  3. When you get mad at the Backpage hoe for stealing music to bump her non-talented career!!!

  4. But the guy who did this song has the writing credit along with like 10 other people including lauryn Hill. No crime here.

  5. This is all $hits and giggles. The days of hop and rap at its finest may be gone, but hardly forgotten. Could you imagine her doing a jam like U.N.I.T.Y? Anything by Bahamadia or Foxy Brown? If she tried that one minute bridge in Supersonic, she would hurt herself for real. Just saw the Roxanne Shante biopic so I’m feeling a little nostalgic right now.

  6. wow, she straight up got busted. smfh. That’s all you got in rap is your bars, your lyrics…you gonna front on that too?

    • But your lyrics are different in hip hop. Fine, you sample beats, or you take melodies from classic r&b…but your lyrics…They supposed to be original.

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