Evelyn Lozada & French Montana Call It Quits

evelyn lozada french montana break up

Evelyn Lozada jetted off to Mexico to celebrate her son’s 4th birthday and posted a photo to send out a mating call to all the available rappers and athletes.

The caption of her photo, “Single life & loving it ? #LivingMyBestLife,” comes after the reality star was linked to French Montana. The two even celebrated New Year’s Eve together.

Now that they’ve broken up and Ev is single like a dollar bill, who got next?


  1. Amazing how this mercenary managed to marry that young simpleton to steal half his money and solidify her future via impregnation. She is disgusting.

  2. What happened to the baseball player , or did he lose all his money and then wake up? … dont sleep , these women are actually and truly witches they have spells and when you are ignorant you can fall into that trap.

    • He cut off the engagement claiming evelyn got mad when they talked about her signing a prenuptial agreement. Plus his family absolutely hated her. She had a baby with him though. So I’m pretty sure that gold digger is busy spending.

  3. I’m just being honest, Evelyn is a old HOE! I don’t understand how these guys keep messing with her?! Yes, her body is banging but that’s it!!! Her attitude is atrocious and she’s been passed around for over a decade. Do better rich men cuz she don’t mess with broke dudes.

    • She’s lookin for her next victim. That is all. Maybe she will use her daughter to reel them in, then in her hooks go.

      • Like the dudes she bangin are spring chickens. All these dudes have community dicks as well. Wow, double standards.

        • Ain’t no double standard… the men she mess with are hoes too! The difference is they have money and legitimate jobs with a lot to lose messing with Evelyn. Example Chad J lost his entire career messing with that hoe.

  4. Her mating call what is that she opens her legs and something starts screaming out.

  5. Rumor is that all these types have the monster or whatever STD and they all fornicate with one another so there is no reason to fear one another or risk it.

  6. Wow she’s fast. I can’t keep up with her love interests. No grass grows under her feet. Lol. She keeps it moving.

  7. To all you dumb fucks who are still trying to turn hoes into housewives, you deserve to get your hearts and your bank accounts broken! Evil Lyn is a hustler and you guys got hustled. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

    • STFU Fool.

      You would do the same if you had the dough, because all you talk about is buying some stepford wife from brazil or some other bum third world country and trust if you ever are able to get one they would drop kick your ass once you brought them here or kill you in your sleep before they would stay with you.

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