Blac Chyna Brawls With Kids at Six Flags

blac chyna fight six flags

Blac Chyna and her crew were involved in a brawl at Six Flags, and it was all caught on video.

Chyna’s kids, Dream and King, were reportedly there but were in another section of the park when the fight broke out. Chyna was using Dream’s toy as a weapon.

According to the girl in the video, here’s how it all went down:

blac chyna fight 1

blac chyna fight 2

blac chyna fight 3

blac chyna fight 4

blac chyna fight 5

blac chyna fight 6

blac chyna fight 7

blac chyna fight 8


  1. Wow, that’s some ghetto shit from all the parties involved! I’m sure Chyna didn’t plan to get in a fight while her children were with her. If the girl is telling the truth, Chyna is a nasty attitude bothched body b@tch!

  2. And no disrespect to the kids but just because they have famous parents doesn’t mean they get held on a pedestal and no one can say anything to them. The same way people coo and endearingly touch all adorable kids. Them kids got big ass heads and shit in diapers just like every other kid!

  3. Strangers shouldn’t touch someone’s child. I see why Chyna was pissed. And I don’t know why this pigeon thinks it’s okay, but it’s not. You ask for permission from the parent.

    No one wants your dirty THOT hands on their kid. They don’t know how many dudes creep with you, or if you wash your hands after a dump. Stop it.

    • This is very true, but people touch kids all the time in an friendly manner. I hate it myself but I don’t cuss them out I just smile and thank them for the compliment then proceed to sanitize my child’s hand/cheek. That’s ghetto AF to react by cuss at someone for making a friendly gesture.

    • Exactly. I don’t even have kids and I know this much. You don’t go around touching peoples kids.

  4. Black chyna is one stupid ass girl did she have in bodyguards with her and if not why the hell would you put not only your self but also your children in danger are you looking for a new quick come up if so this is definitely not the way to go I don’t know if this was a set up are not because she does have people in her camp that promote any attention is better than none this is stupid

    • If I could delete everything I just said I would by right if I was a mother I wouldn’t want no one to touch my children at all either and Blac Chyna had every right to be mad like that I understand.

    • Why r u mad cuz soumbody don”t want ur ass touching they vhild that u do not know? U r foul and u bet not touch mine.

      • I know u wish u could take back what u wrote so evbody dont know what a idiot u r. Too late we know already.

      • So when someone makes the mistake of innocently touching and complementing your child your going to fight them? With your child watching you possibly going straight to jail?! That’s a dumb reason to get a record cuz someone complements your child with a gesture. (normally grandparent generation does this, most young generation understands it’s not cool)

        • That Bitch did not accidentally do shit, based on her own words.

          She did not have to confront BC or put hands on her. Who confronts someone and puts hands on them over some shit THEY initiated. She needs to be in jail for starting the entire incident, including the fight.

          • Hell she contradicted herself in the very first sentence!! “I see black China’s beautiful baby…” then I didn’t even know it was her baby? Huh?

  5. Is y’all missing the part where she said her gay ass boyfriend started to fight her and her sister?

  6. To all strangers: do not touch other peoples children they have the right to tell you to keep your grubby paws off.

  7. Does she have bodyguards? Because there is no way a stranger should have felt comfortable with touching her child. If so, Chyna should file a police report unless this is a publicity stunt. These people are so desperate to stay relevant that they will sacrifice their children at all costs.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with adoring children from a distance. It’s the thing to do when you don’t know the parents. You just can’t assume touching them is no big deal.
    Chyna knows what HW does to children. Chyna knows there are monsters among us who prefer children and to top it off with a stranger touching her child is what make her lose her cool.

    • “Chyna knows there are monsters among us who prefer children” , yes and they are concentrated in Showbiz!! Big overeaction. If it was a well known film director who has a new film out touching, I would understand a bit more.

      • How is someone coming in her face to question her over something they had no business doing and then slap her an overreaction on her part?

        How about you minions actually read what this bitch said she did.

  9. This sickens me, I don’t even like blac Chyna, but Strangers should never touch peoples kids, ever! And I’m sure she knew who that baby was with her lying Azz. Then the little trampoline is so childish she approach blac Chyna way after the fact. I hope blac Chyna press chargers against her little ghetto azz, so she can go to jail where she belong and she will the. Understand why she should keep her hands to herself.

  10. This is so embarrassing we must come together as a unit. Her behavior as a mother and a woman is unconscionable. You are a millionaire running around Disney land throwing your daughters stroller I’m done. I just want to go to mars and relax my brain.

    • You did see where this cluck cluck said she slapped chyna right?

      I don’t know how you react when someone slaps you, but the headcase who started this is lucky she is not in jail with charges on her.

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