Safaree Cries After Getting Robbed

safaree robbed crying

Safaree showed up to Power 105.1 just hours after allegedly getting robbed at gunpoint. In the clip, he can barely get the words out as he tells Angie Martinez about the ordeal.


  1. I want Safaree to win but he needs to cut back on the stunting and focus on his actual craft.

  2. Another New York “Fake OG” Exposed !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ Safaree = A EAST COAST STUDIO GANGSTER !!!

    • He never claimed to be that. It was just music. He never acted hard.

      And anyone can get touched. Suge isn’t soft, but he always had people around. A little dude still got at him.

  3. You don’t admit you got robbed to NOBODY, let alone on air. He just admitted to the world that he’s a duck.

  4. Boy if you dont run get cha life with that materialistic ass bullshit. Which I am allergic to apparently…

    You should be glad that are walking around still breathing but digress. Its probably a pub stunt…they dont know nothing bout really living in these streets.

    • Not just anyone can rock those luxurious royal furs though.

      You need to be a kang. The goons knew they weren’t worthy.

  5. If your “personality” isn’t bigger than Safaree’s, you’re not qualified to speak on his situation. lol

    And I hope Cam didn’t do this because of Juju.

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